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The Green Design Guide

News and profiles on ecoconscious designers and new Earth-friendly products, plus where to find them all.


Eco-Friendly News & Features
Seeing Green
Load up with goods from these environmentally conscious stores.
A Handmade Tale
Shopping for local products on Etsy.
My Empire of Dirt
An experiment in Brooklyn-style subsistence farming.
Ecochic Designs from Adidas
The collection touts designs focusing on sustainable fabrics.
Loomstate Celebrates Earth Day
Rogan Gregory has been wearing green threads for as long as he can remember.
Rogan Opens on Bowery
Fashionistas and forties!
Bird Jumps on the Bandwagon
The boutique unveiled its ecofriendly in-house line, Green Bird, this week.
Pam & Richie Go Ecofriendly
Pamela Anderson and Richie Rich are collaborating on a leather-free line.
Wall-E Park
Can the redesigned Fresh Kills change the way we see the city?
How Green Is Your Tally?
Rating the envirobuilders.
Labels With a Green Conscience
Stella McCartney
McCartney's animal-free line blends sweet elements with street-worthy rocker accents.
This line is known for easy pieces like slouchy shirts and breezy dresses.
Best Eco-Bets
The $10 Green Phone
The Motorola Renew is the world’s first carbon-neutral cell phone.
Keen Green
The Alameda 15 bag is sustainably manufactured.
Carry On
This duffel bag is made of seventeen-ounce organic hemp.
Teeny Greeny
This PC sips eighteen watts of power—much less than other desktops.
The Find: Eco-Totes
Find your inner hippie everywhere from Whole Foods to Stella McCartney.
Where to Buy
Shop-A-Matic: Ecofriendly Picks
Browse 93 Earth-kind products, from clothing to furniture.
This “cruelty free” shoe store sells affordable alternatives to leather.
Lisa Linhardt’s green-minded jewelry designs are crafted from recycled metals.
This boutique is a destination for those looking to buy local and ecofriendly.
Most of this store’s designs pair organic materials with natural dyes.
This charmingly quirky design shop is a total mom-and-pop operation.
CP Shades
These California-inspired designs have a comfort-driven ethic and all-natural fibers.
Organic Avenue
All the products here are environmentally sustainable, as is the store itself.
3R Living
This is a lifestyle store that really does improve your life and the world at large.
Ekovaruhuset, House of Organic
Earth-conscious shoppers leaf through this natural-fiber, sweatshop-free collection.
This nonprofit bike shop offers only refurbished models.
The focus here is on simple silhouettes and rich fabrics.
Hudson Furniture
This 4,000-square-foot loft is a pine-scented love note to organic wood.
Green Depot
An ecosuperstore with a range of recycled and sustainable options for the home.
Sustainable NYC
Dominique Camacho opened this modern, green-minded boutique in March 2008.

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