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Ask Shop Clerk Archive

December 18, 2006
Lisa Mahar

"They’re incredibly well crafted: eight layers of paint on every surface, they use the best woods, beautiful grains, and they’re geometrically precise."

December 11, 2006
Eve Lateiner

"It has to do with the simplicity of the design, the idea of infinity, and also with the fact that Maria’s early pieces were based on a circle pattern."

December 4, 2006
Jaki Batton

"We have the raddest designers that are super-aware of fashion and mountain function."

November 20, 2006
Jordan Silver

"We carry brands that are hard to find, and we customize— if you bring a frame in that you love, we’ll copy it."

November 13, 2006
Jennifer Duenas

"People love our dressing rooms, which comfortably fit two. You know what I mean?"

November 6, 2006
Ryan Stepka

"They’re all hypoallergenic, handmade from purified horsehair from Argentina, cotton, and wool. They’re made to last you 30 years."

October 30, 2006
Olivia Kibar

"New York women abuse their feet—some customers come in on crutches after hammertoe or bunion surgery. They put on the flats and are in heaven."

October 23, 2006
Alex Cox

"We wanted to be almost entirely a bookstore. We have an art gallery up front, where we show and sell cartoonists’ original work."

October 16, 2006
Q Adjarenimako

"It’s not that the guys interested in this don’t have the money—they’d just rather spend it on drinks, like I do."

October 9, 2006
Yvette Grant

"We’re not just arbitrarily peddling whatever the new stuff is. We’re interested in reading as a potentially special experience."

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