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Look Book Archive

June 4, 2007
Parker Posey, Actress

"The major celeb perk is being able to help out friends."

May 28, 2007
Natasha Mitra, Private Equity Associate

"I love to consume. Consuming is my specialty."

May 21, 2007
Alice Lane, Makeup Artist

"I wouldn’t want to be trendy, but not being trendy seems to be trendy at the moment."

May 14, 2007
Robert Rufino, Vice-President of Creative Services at Tiffany & Co.

"I have been on the International Best Dressed List twice, and I’m just kind of like, 'Yeah, it’s great, but so what?'"

May 7, 2007
Calling All Superheroes

Peter Parker isn’t the only guy with a Lycra-wrapped alter ego in Gotham City, as the inventive wardrobe enthusiasts at this year’s Comic-Con amply demonstrated.

April 30, 2007
John Howard Knight III, a.k.a. “Tré,” Designer

"Some people would consider my style to be gothic, but those people just don’t get it."

April 23, 2007
Kareem Dimitrious Collie and Donald Ray Franklin II, Graphic-Design Partners

Donald: "When people meet us for the first time, before we even open our mouths, they get excited."

April 16, 2007
Jenné Lombardo, Promotional-Events Executive

"My fiancé loves me pregnant—my boobs get bigger."

April 9, 2007
Marie-Claude Nechvatal, Fashion Consultant

"French women always have a little something that makes it. They have a touch."

March 26, 2007
Chantal Adair, Student

"I like the color black a lot, but that’s just left over from high school."

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