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October 31, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

Nailing Your New York Number

It’s the question on the mind of every working person in America’s most expensive city: How much money does it take to ditch the daily grind? Everybody’s number is different, and we’re here ( with an easy-to-use chart!) to help you calculate yours.


Real-Life Retirment Plans

And how much they might cost.

The Chancellor's Midterm Exam

Joel Klein says dealing with the teachers and their union is like “working in a rice paddy,” while their leader’s allies whisper that he’s a loser on the way out. And this is supposed to be a good time for public education in the city. The contentious reign of the school czar.


Every day, hipsters, yuppies, and assorted other latte consumers push deeper into the blue-collar wilds of Williamsburg and beyond. Cutting a swath through designer lofts, sushi joints, and yoga studios, our intrepid reporter follows the path of the L train on a mission to find the very spot where New and Old Brooklyn meet.


Senator Pothole Gets Ready to Rumble

D’Amato wants to "bury" Dem big shot Zimmerman.

Take My Book Proposal, Please!

Matt Cooper, grand-jury humorist.


The law finally learns to get along.

Boldfaced-Name Poll

Avian flu Vs. terrorism edition.

The Best Little Whorehouse on Harvard Square

Harvard has learned some new lessons this semester.

It Happened Last Week

In a relatively uneventful autumn week, there were subtle yet disquieting signs of New York’s continuing suburbanization.

The 100-Democrat Poll

A random survey of 100 registered Democrats conducted at 72nd and Broadway on voting-for-Bloomberg guilt—and what it would take to change their minds.

Has the Nolita Bubble Burst?

A decade ago, it was all hardware stores and butchers. Then came the boutiques. Lots of them. The boom and bust of an invented retail destination zone.

Mayoral Campaign Countdown

The debates are upon us. Is there time for a Bloomie backlash?


Best Bets

Leather flooring tiles, a boot-specific shoehorn, and other hot buys.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Sarah Burchett of Balenciaga.

Sales & Bargains
This week's hottest sales & bargains.

Look Book

A stylist-mother who follows her own muse and lets her son do the same.

5 X 10

A rundown of looks from Euro-Fashion Week.

Restaurant Review

A rising star returns to his foodie roots with Fatty Crab.

In Season

A Cipollini recipe.

Ask Gael

I need an old-world cocoon for Grandma's lunch.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of Oct. 14, 2005: Beet, Blossom, Aquaterra, 24 Prince, Cube 63 Brooklyn, Bobby Van's Steakhouse & Grill.

Red Alert

Michelin New York City: Imperious interloper of authoritative voice of reason in a town of culinary dummkopfs?

Object of Desire: Hive Mind

Ever since they began selling several varieties at the Blue Ribbon Bakery Market, honey connoisseurs have been flocking.

Dead Right

El Día de los Muertos is a day to honor the departed at a graveside picnic—or at one of these Mexican restaurants.

When Not in Rome

For Roman Cuisine Week, visiting star chef Salvatore Tassa of Le Colline Ciociare has several guest appearances scheduled.


Advice from the frequent-est frequent fliers.

Real Estate

Developers running out of space and churches running out of money: a match made in heaven.

The Culture Pages

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Idina Menzel, teen idol for drama-clubbers, ventures into PG-13 territory.

Movie Review

A chronicle of two suicide bombers is rewarding but ultimately bleak.

Long Story Short

How the Ballets Russes inspired dance's great leap forward—and a new film.

Theater Review

Joe Brooks’s new musical is not quite awful enough to be legendary.

Latinologues Reviewed

Any effort to make Broadway less a province of rich old white folks deserves applause.

Absurd Person Singular Reviewed

The current revival of 'Absurd Person Singular' needs no help to seem clumsy and unconvincing.

A Soldier's Play Reviewed

As an investigator puzzles out a black soldier’s murder in the South in 1944, Fuller shows how all of us, individually and collectively, are prisoners of our history.


What the audience really thought about Rosie O'Donnell in 'Fiddler on the Roof.'

Rising Son: Jason Ritter

Q&A with the actor.

TV Review

David Spade and Stephen Colbert are the Goofus and Gallant of Comedy Central—and Goofus has the better show.

Pop Music Review

Rock “collectives” are often collectively annoying, but Broken Social Scene breaks the mold.

Pop Star: Matt Pond

"People think we’re assholes because we use a cello sometimes, and I think that’s funny."

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Imperial City

The person ultimately responsible for the Judith Miller mess at the Times is the one person who’s definitely not going anywhere—Arthur Sulzberger Jr.


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