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August 26, 2002 Issue

Cover Story

Manhattan Bound

"New York," says British actress Rachel Weisz, who's about to become one of us, "is the only place I've been that actually looks as good as it does in movies." We return the compliment.

Fall Fashion 2002

McQueen of New York

On the opening day of Alexander McQueen's new store, the designer chats with his friend Liv Tyler about clothes, smoking, and the lure of the meatpacking district.

Uptown Girl

Chessy Rayner's adventurous personal style -- a bold mix of high and low, exuberant color, and rich detail -- is everywhere this fall. An homage to a totally New York fashion icon.

Stella Performance

Stella McCartney arrived on the fashion scene with a famous name and unmistakable talent for flirty, feminine clothes. Now, in the second year of designing her own line, after some particularly pointed criticism, she's showing her staying power, too.

Grace Notes

For 30 years, Vogue fashion editor Grace Coddington has been producing the shots that make designers, photographers, and models look good. With a book coming out in September, she's stepping into the spotlight herself.


A Cross-cultural Kidnapping

On a quiet East Side Street, during a parental visit, under the nose of a private investigator, 4-year-old Griffin Guo was kidnapped by his father, a man he called China Daddy. Griffin's mom, Camille Colvin, a PricewaterhouseCoopers manager, was heartbroken -- but not surprised. She knew her marriage to a Chinese artist, and her love affair with Chinese culture, weren't going to be easy to escape from. And now, the road to getting her child back leads to Beijing and beyond.


Manhattan Lights

(Semi-)unrepentant smoker Jay McInerney on why New York should remain brightly lit.

Tennis Stars -- And Stripes

As the 9/11 anniversary nears, this year's U.S. Open is going all-American.

Shabbat sur Mer: Holy Nights in the Hamptons

Shabbat by the beach: "The start of the perfect Hamptons weekend."

Behind the Hedges

Hedge funds are booming -- and one P.I. is busier than ever.

The Botox Bibles: Reading Between the Lines

With dermatologists experiencing a mini gold rush thanks to Botox, publishers are hoping to cash in, too. Afraid you'll lose face if someone spots you reading one of these new tomes? Consult our crib sheet instead.


This Media Life

Business reporters would have you think that big media (Vivendi, AOL Time Warner) is on its way back to normal. The truth is, it's doing worse than ever.

The City Politic

Andrew Cuomo is the candidate with a rationale. But what if voters don't want a rationale?

The Bottom Line

Forget about the flashy past (Microsoft, Motorola, WorldCom), and invest in the future: Coca-Cola, Colgate, and Clorox

Best Bets

Anna Hindmarch shoes, Puma watches, and necktie baby frocks

Sales & Bargains

Scouting the counter at Ricky's with a celebrity-makeup artist


Fig as fragrance, Creed's new bath line, and BeYoga's Restorassage class


Upscale safari tours, wine tasting in Bordeaux, and Nota Bene guidebooks



Al Pacino takes on the future of Hollywood in Simone; Robin Williams misfires with One Hour Photo


Hairspray makes its exuberant way to Broadway; the Roundabout offers an unnecessarily altered Boys From Syracuse

Classical Music

With Cav/Pag, Glimmerglass makes a mess of one of opera's great double bills


A nostalgia-inducing Bobby Kennedy biopic traces his transformation from aristocrat to Everyman


Salsa-inspired swank at Jimmy's Downtown

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