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September 23, 2002 Issue

Cover Story

Mother's Helper

Michelle Padilla boasted the kind of credentials that Manhattan parents dream of: unqualified recommendations, a talent with kids, and even a book, The Official Guide to Finding a Great Nanny -- and Keeping Her, under her belt. But when Danica Cordell-Reeh decided things weren't working out, she suddenly found herself facing allegations of unthinkable child abuse -- brought by Padilla. For nine months the Upper West Side mom was allowed only supervised visits with her kids -- and she might have lost them for good if the allegations hadn't fallen apart in court.


Absolutely Fabulous

Dripping with diamonds and teetering on Manolos, Lauren Ezersky is one of the city's most extreme fashion enthusiasts. And -- though you might not guess it from her kooky getups and Fran Drescher whine -- she's also the style world's most beloved talk-show host, coaxing fashion royalty to get real on Behind the Velvet Ropes.

Take Back the Night

With Giuliani away, the sex-club world is definitely at play. And nowhere is the new, liberated spirit more in evidence than at Johnny McGovern and Dean Johnson's gay parties -- where A-listers mingle with the cruisey masses, and "niceness is the new glamour."


The Shows Go On

Say hello to Fashion Week, a welcome break from having to think about, oh, Iraq. Now, here’s what you need to know.

Damages Control

Summer’s over, but the war between Hamptons renters and owners is just heating up.

Watch Out! NYC Taxis Get TVs

The start of a brave new era in backseat entertainment?

Teen (Not So) Confidential

It’s ten o’clock. Do you know where your teenager is posting her innermost thoughts?


This Media Life

If Columbia's journalism school wants to train officers -- not just enlisted men -- for the media wars, it'll have to move beyond reporting and writing

The Business Class

Bob Torricelli helped Jon Corzine bail out of Wall Street and into the Senate. Now Corzine -- and his Wall Street friends -- are putting their money to work for Torricelli.

The City Politic

Last Wednesday, Pataki measured himself against Abe Lincoln -- no surprise there. On Tuesday, though, he measured himself against Tom Golisano.

Best Bets

DKNY towels, Modelista clogs, and a new, much-improved toaster

Sales & Bargains

Cool clocks for super snoozing sessions



The Banger Sisters offers a sadly sanitized look at the sixties; James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal get naughty in Secretary


An exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum laughs at Victorian -- and modern -- anxieties about going nude


Push, Nevada delivers synchronized sex and surveillance cameras -- but no closure

Pop Music

Coldplay's latest has little to offer -- musically or emotionally


A Three-Cornered Moon revival doesn't do justice to the Depression-era gem


Django offers the same old bistro fare in an aggressive new setting

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