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September 30, 2002 Issue

Cover Story

Rock This Town

New York hasn't been such a hotbed of new rock since the decade when many of the current stars were born. The vital stats on the bands that are driving the revolution.

PLUS: A guide to New York's rock tribes.

Features: Music 2002

Almost Famous

It started with a pin worn by the Strokes on SNL. Ever since, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been the Next Big Thing -- but the road to the top, while possibly paved with gold, is pretty bumpy.

Golden Moldies

When Kimya Dawson met Adam Green, they were unlikely future stars -- she'd been asked to leave college, and he was 13. But their irreverent sound (and loopy act) has made the Moldy Peaches the anti-folk movement's only name brand.

On the L

What happened to all those laid-off dot-commers and jobless college grads? They're making Williamsburg into New York's new creative capital -- that is, they say, until the media kills the scene.

The Good Word

Rapper El-P's dense rhymes and wild soundscapes defined the nineties underground. Now, with his Def Jux label, he's bent on taking hip-hop to the next level.

Living Doll

He's put away the platforms and retired the pompadour: David Johansen, former New York Doll and alter ego of Buster Poindexter, is back on the scene with, believe it or not, a folk band.


She Used to Be So Nice!

Rosie O'Donnell's magazine partner, Gruner + Jahr, got dumped. Now all it wants is a good cry, a pint of ice cream, and a supportive group of girlfriends -- straight girlfriends, that is.

Style Counsel

Fashion Week's emergency rooms for fabulous invalids.

A Battle for the Sole of the Hamptons

Citarella hits the Hamptons

Lefty Pitchers

Call it "radical sheik": The war on terror shakes the dust off the SDS crowd.

Old Editors-in-Chief Never Die -- They Just Go to Us

Editor-in-chiefs who go to Us Weekly


New York asked a few aspiring novelists (and present-day caffeine addicts) for their opening paragraphs.



Justin Timberlake, Usher, Ron Galotti, Ty Pennington, Caroline Rhea, and more . . .

The Bottom Line

How 9/11 turned one liberal, Bill of Rights–loving columnist into a vengeful hawk

Naked City

Is there sex after motherhood? Young moms-about-town report from the bedroom.


A list of the newest treatments that will allow you to emerge from the shower like Venus from the surf: fully beautified.

Best Bets

Gucci shades, sweet-burning papers, and a hip-hop CD for toddlers

Sales & Bargains

Totes to carry you through the fall



Jake Gyllenhaal shines in the otherwise belabored Moonlight Mile


Is Steven Pinker's The Blank Slate actually a straw man?


Burn This is too dated to work (even with Ed Norton and Catherine Keener); Adam Rapp assaults the senses with Faster

Classical Music

The City Opera mounts a brilliant production of Dead Man Walking


Boomtown puts a postmodern spin on the traditional cop drama

Underground Gourmet

Digging in to grilled thin-crust pizzas all over town

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