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October 7, 2002 Issue

Cover Story

The Call of the 'Burbs

Finding your apartment too small and your tuition bills too big? You're not alone. New York goes house hunting for you, checking out ten suburbs -- from multicultural Montclair to sleepy, beachy Milford to media-centric Pelham -- where you can have a home and a lawn for the price of a classic six.


Go Westchester, Young Man

It all began when his toddler didn't get into the "right" preschool (the horror!). From there, it was an odyssey: lost sleep weighing down the benefits of the city versus the suburbs, New Jersey versus New York; trips to towns where shocked real-estate agents declared there was "nothing, nothing" in their price range, towns where houses vanished in a weekend. And then, finally, the word that he never thought he could speak, with feeling, outside of Manhattan: "home."

The Train Gang

Think of it as a secret society: Commuters see each other every day and share the same rituals, but still take refuge in their anonymity.

Boyfriends for Hire

Need a man to rub your shoulders? Listen to your problems? Look good on your arm? Meet the city's new breed of trainers, massage therapists, and Pilates instructors, who work overtime to be your Mr. Right. Just don't take them off the payroll.


War Torn

From ground zero to zero ratings: A year in the harried life of Ashleigh Banfield.

Bridal Power

Forget store parties and product launchesÂthese days, true glitz means weddings. And brides are wielding clipboards.

Watch the Pounds Melt Away!

Is Lipostabil the new Botox?

Airing RadioÂ’s Dirty Laundry

They call it the "hip-hop smackdown." Funkmaster Flex vs. Steph Luva. It's all about payola.


The Business Class

The name JPMorgan Chase conceals a weird mix of slick investment banking and stodgy moneylending. In the nineties, it worked brilliantly -- but so did most things.

The City Politic

It was quite a photo op: George Pataki, who for two terms has skillfully dodged campaign-finance reform in a state that desperately needs it, cozying up to John McCain. What's wrong with this picture?

Best Bets

Vintage Chinese mirrors, a Tibor Kalman postcard book, and the Rafe wallet purse.

Sales & Bargains

Supercomfortable sweat gear for teh gym (and beyond).



With Spirited Away, Hayao Miyazaki delivers a masterpiece; Paul Greengrass depicts the true horror of Bloody Sunday.


Richard Avedon's portraits over 50 years chart cultural moments across the nation, but they convey the New York point of view -- not that there's anything wrong with that.

Classical Music

Lorin Maazel's inaugural concerts as music director of the New York Philharmonic displayed textural brilliance but lacked expressive warmth.


AZ's Patricia Yeo works her magic on Mediterranean cuisine at Pazo.

John Leonard's TV Notes

John Leonard reviews The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow, Willie Nelson: Still Is Still Moving, Making The Misfits, The Lost World, and Hell on Wheels

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