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October 21, 2002 Issue

Cover Story

Battlefield: Motherhood

The battle of the sexes now seems as antique as the Cold War compared with the conflict heating up between working and stay-at-home moms, with those in both camps questioning the others' choices -- and worrying about their own. Are they doing enough for their children, for the school bake sale, for their own careers -- and, of course, for the perfect Pilates abs?


Oh, L'Amour!

Like his frequent collaborator Stephen Sondheim, Broadway director James Lapine usually does the brainy stuff. But his new show, with music by French pop legend Michel Legrand, is simplicity itself: Boy meets girl, boy gets girl (okay, so what if he walks through a few walls?).

C.S.I.: Central Park

Thirteen years ago, the Central Park jogger case gave a new face and vocabulary -- remember wilding? -- to the city's social breakdown, and the savage beating was a key event in ushering in the Giuliani era. But when rapist and murderer Matias Reyes confessed to the crime -- confirmed by a DNA test -- it raised a new series of questions. Had the five boys who were tried and convicted been railroaded? A new examination of the case that changed the city.

Natural Talent

Equal parts inspired draftsman and obsessive nature enthusiast, Walton Ford populates his stunning watercolors with carnivorous birds and randy beasts. Now, with a new book and gallery show, he's unleashing his weird menagerie on an ever-bigger audience.



Harvey Weinstein, Mary Boone, Cindi Leive, Karenna Gore Schiff, and more . . .


Those Weren't the Days

Hot Thing

Mes Chéris Amours

Gene in a Bottle

The Rudy and Judi Show


This Media Life

What Martha has in common with Hugh Hefner and with Frank ("My Way") Sinatra -- and why she should put her empire in her daughter's charge

The City Politic

In New Jersey, Lautenberg and Forrester are fighting the last war -- the 2000 presidential election

Best Bets

Bally golf shoes, a Car Design Yearbook, and animal rubber bands

Sales & Bargains

Scene-stealing pendants for under $100



Auto Focus, a moralistic look into the sad, sordid life of Bob Crane


A mediocre Man of No Importance from Terrence McNally; the Abbey Theatre's Medea is accessible -- but overacted


Dave Eggers's sophomore effort: slightly sophomoric, highly funny


The earnest, academic Museum of Sex opens up shop, bringing all things naughty -- yes, including porn -- into the nothing's-shocking mainstream

Classical Music

Striking sets and costumes can't save Philip Glass's tired Galileo Galilei


"Perfect Acts of Architecture" captures an inspired moment in design history


TNT's The Big Time recalls a former -- and in some ways better -- era in TV history

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