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October 28, 2002 Issue

Cover Story

Where to Go Now

Achtung, Baby Time was when Germany was Europe's no-man's-land -- a bleak, crumbling stop on the way from Italy to England. But these days, legions of New York hipsters -- artists, musicians, and other enlightened tourists -- are flocking to Berlin in search of edgy culture, thrift-store shopping, and one of the most compelling history lessons imaginable. Hot Tickets From fresh-powder skiing in British Columbia to swimming with killer whales in New Zealand to a Moroccan road trip -- ten great vacations that are the opposite of ordinary.


An Olympic Trial

On November 2, the U.S. Olympic Committee will choose between two cities -- San Francisco and (improbably to some, obviously to others) ours -- to represent the country's national bid to host the 2012 Olympics. Why should we be cheering for it? Let us map the reasons.

Song and Dances

With Movin' Out, Twyla Tharp turns 29 Billy Joel hits into one of the most exuberantly kinetic shows Broadway has ever seen. It wasn't exactly a smooth journey -- as Tharp is the first to confess -- but it has a great beat, and you can (and they do) dance to it.

The Collector

Jeffrey Epstein, a former Dalton math teacher without a college degree, is one of Wall Street's most legendary investors (he won't take you if you have less than $1 billion), and he had always been one of its most secretive. Then, last month, he showed up on the gossip radar when he flew Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker to Africa on his 727 for a study trip. So just who is this unidentified investing superstar, who on the side collects the brilliant, the talented, and the powerful? And how do you get a ride on his plane?



Whitney Houston, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Angie Harmon, Andy Dick, and more . . .


War Games

In times of crisis, New York teams have stepped up to the plate, lifting our spirits and kicking butt. But who do we root for this year?

Ex–Coke Kingpin Turns Up His Nose At Miramax Biopic

Azie Faison Jr. may be the only New Yorker who doesn't want his life glamorized on the big screen.

Social Disease

Bugbear, the latest computer virus, forwards your e-mails to everyone you know -- and for some, it's scarier than smallpox.

Hot Plate: Republi'K

Langoustines with coconut and ginger, quail in cognac, squid and banana -- just take the A train to Washington Heights.

Q&A: Reading For Lizzie

This week, Lizzie Grubman heads off to jail for (all of) 30 days . . .What should Lizzie read to pass the time?

Mother's Day

Camille Colvin would use any means to retrieve her son from her ex in China, but in the end, she just took matters into her own hands.

Real Estate

The Clinton Era: an elegant house on Grand Avenue in Clinton Hill sells for $1.05 million.

Q&A: Switch On the Lights

Linda Thompson Returns


This Media Life

How the president's approach to war gives new meaning to the phrase We are the world

The City Politic

The campaign for governor is taking place among insiders. Can Carl McCall possibly break out of the bubble?

The Bottom Line

Bullish thinking: Ten dream scenarios that could save our economy

Best Bets

A spherical TV set, credit-card-size digital cameras, and edible doggy mailers

Sales & Bargains

Bold scarves to fight the cold


Sugary spa services, an Armani makeup palette, and Canyon Ranch bread to go



Accolade-worthy acting saves Roger Dodger; Mike Leigh fails to achieve his former glory with All or Nothing


David Henry Hwang delivers an unfortunate revival of Flower Drum Song; a wrenching (and star-studded) production of The Exonerated


Gary Simmons's erasure art goes far beyond the black and white

Classical Music

Stellar Spanish-style symphonies from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra


Clive Barker returns with the endlessly strange Saint Sinner

Pop Music

Suicide breaks new ground on American Supreme but remains true to its roots


Seafood-savvy Rick Moonen goes solo with RM

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