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November 18, 2002 Issue

Cover Story

We Are Family

Some are odd couples, while some could, and do, pass for the same person. Some share the stage happily, while some jostle and roughhouse like, well, siblings. Some are -- virtually -- joined at the hip, while others pursue their brilliant careers in totally different professions. While many come here to escape our families, the city's brother-and-sister acts (from Donald and Maryanne Trump to Paris and Nicky Hilton) show that family values -- of our own specific kinds -- are not only surviving but thriving in the city.


The Berlin Waltz

With the premiere of her haunting but funny -- and more than a little risqué -- masterpiece this week at bam, Americans will finally get to see why Berlin's Sasha Waltz has become Europe's hottest modern-dance export since Pina Bausch.

No Ordinary Joe

When Al Gore added Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman as his vice-presidential nominee, it seemed a risky move -- an Orthodox Jew on a national ticket! -- to just about everyone. Except Joe Lieberman. In fact, Lieberman has his eyes set on the top of the ticket, and he's taken his message to 31 states since January 2001. His name recognition and centrist policies might make him a formidable candidate in a general election. If only he can psych out Al Gore.

Backs on Track

A new class of high-tech, hands-on chiropractors are treating New York movers and shakers who aren't about to take to bed -- or give up golf -- because of back pain.



Jodie Foster, Bill Clinton, Martin Scorsese, Imelda Marcos, and more . . .


Crack Is . . . Back?

In Williamsburg, hipsters are taking eighties revivalism to a whole other level.

Hot Plate: Capitale

The new restaurant Capitale

The Next Chapter

The beloved, scruffy Strand Book Store plans a renovation, an expansion, and -- say it ain't so! -- even a coffee bar.

Q&A: Lorraine Gordon

The Village Vanguard's Guardian Angel

Deal of the Week

The creator of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog gets a four-bedroom condo that's no doghouse.

Art Rocker

Radical-feminist powerhouse Kathleen Hanna has a new gig -- as a Soho curator.

Air Grab

What happens when your next-door neighbors are also overhead?

Poles Position

A Website that pitches the idea of two 1,100-foot flagpoles at Ground Zero

I'm Right, You're Wrong:

Ed Koch and Al D'Amato and Mark Green


The City Politic

What lessons will the Democrats take from last week's debacle? Hint: the wrong ones.

The Business Class

In the eighties, M&A legend Marty Lipton invented the poison-pill defense. Now, with Eliot Spitzer at Citigroup's gate, he's talking strategy with CEO Sandy Weill.

Best Bets

Lucite feather cuffs, the Vitra Antony chair, and a taxi-medallion clock

Sales & Bargains

Perfect parkas to protect you from the elements



Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets suffers from a lack of imagination (not to mention its megafranchise status)


Two grab-bag exhibits of twentieth-century art leave the analyzing up to the audience


Lanford Wilson's Book of Days offers an impressive slice of small-town life; the long (and painfully redundant) Yellowman is an exercise in self-pity


John Leonard's TV Notes


Getting a true taste of Japanese tradition at Kai

Classical Music

An eclectic group of musicians brings Osvaldo Golijov's emotional fervor to BAM

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