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December 9, 2002 Issue

Cover Story

Power Style

Each of New York City's professional tribes has its own dressing rituals, its own coveted status objects. Clothes can show where you stand in the hierarchy—and where you'd like to be. The secrets of power dressing in seven professions.


I Want My ... Jackass?

Five years ago, MTV’s ratings were flatlining as music videos started to look like a relic of the eighties. Now it’s the envy of every other network, spawning The Osbournes, Jackass, and a score of other offbeat—and wildly popular—offerings. How’d it happen? Call it chaos theory, managed (barely) by two of television’s unlikeliest executives. Man, this could be chaos.

All in the Family

Philip Seymour Hoffman has spent a decade creating some of the big screen's most vividly nuanced misfits. But it took a stunning script by his brother Gordy to give him his first solo starring role.


Liv Tyler: That's the Ticket

Liv Tyler, Lauren Bush, Jennifer Lopez, Mary-Louise Parker, Vanessa Carlton....


This Media Life: Michael Wolff

Earnest politics makes for bad TV -- which is why the scrappy, outsider, underdog approach championed by Fox News has made it the new psychic heart of the Republican Party.

The Bottom Line: James J. Cramer

Does the mini bull run mean the market's finally turned the corner? Or have investors, weary of being weary, just decided to be irrationally optimistic? A reality check for bear hunters.


New York Shops

Fabulous fur stoles for every budget.

Best Bets

A sleek new Zippo, a skinny tote, and a Sanyo cell with a built-in digital camera.


Movies: Peter Rainer

'Adaptation', the new Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman collaboration, picks apart the myth that nothing good ever domes out of Hollywood these days.

Theater: John Simon

Richard Nelson's portrait of Benedict Arnold is short on character; Encores! celebrates a glorious decade.

Pop Music: Ethan Brown

Missy ElliottÂ’s decidedly retro fourth album, 'Under Construction', contrasts hip-hopÂ’s current seriousness with its more joyful past. Plus, Rock and Roll 1.

Books: John Homans

Bob Woodward’s Bush at War gets the trees (Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell) right. But the forest—the war on terror at home and abroad—is as dark as ever.

Classical Music: Peter G. Davis

Leonard Bernstein's Mass suffers from a lack of action

Restaurants: Hal Rubenstein

True Italian warmth -- plus great pizzas and pastas -- is turning up in some very out-of-the-way places. Hal Rubenstein reviews Àpizz and Giorgione.

Television: John Leonard

In 1991, CNN was ready for prime time in the Persian Gulf. Peter Arnett and a trusty telephone link gave cable viewers a non-Pentagon take on the war. But whose take was it?


Neediest Cases

'Tis the season to be worried, say charities facing steep declines in donations.

Mood Glasses

Ooh, cool shades. What are those? NeuView, or "lateralized," sunglasses to you.

We Like Spike

He's a peroxide blond with the cheekbones of a god, and some serious good-versus-evil issues. What's not to love?

Bachelor Party: Looking for Love (and Marriage) in All the Wrong Places

"I have to get married soon, or my dad is going to kill me," said 31-year-old Jessica Belzer, a No. 169 sticker hanging precariously from her angora sweater. "So getting on The Bachelor could save my life!"

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