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December 23, 2002 Issue

Cover Story

New York Awards 2002

During the past year, while still licking our wounds, we began to get back to typical form, which was, typically, outstanding. For our New York Awards, there was plenty to celebrate. Eliot Spitzer spearheaded a crusade against corporate corruption. Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey crowned herself queen of the New York one-liner. The Jets’ Herman Edwards showed there’s no better time to think about getting on top than when your team’s on the bottom. And there are seven others where those came from. As for lifetime achievement, we couldn’t resist saluting Twyla Tharp and Billy Joel, whose sensational Broadway collaboration reminded us that there are brilliant second -- and third, and fourth -- acts in New York life.


Classic New York

The city -- we knew it before, but never more so than in the past year -- is more than its skyline. We explore its DNA: the Ur-New Yorkers (the Grande Dame, the Single Girl, the Agitator) and the institutions (the department store, the power lunch, the bodega), along with the songs and movies, and even the, er, colorful hand gestures (see for yourself: page 68) that define, for better and sometimes for worse, our city, our way of life.



Could Leo and Cameron be an item?

This Media Life

Forget “family-friendly” content. The secret to AOL’s success has been dirty chat; now the competition does it better.

The Bottom Line

Bush can still rescue the economy -- but it’s not just about tax cuts, stupid.


Spike Lee has great filmmaking chops. So why can’t he get his dream movies made?

Best Bets

Sales & Bargains

Festive footwear for the holidays.


Naked City

Who said three’s a crowd?


All the Trimmings

O Christmas-tree ornament! You fill our memory vacuums so nicely.

Boy Vey

En garde, 'N Sync! From the Catskills to Far Rockaway, the Hamsa Boys are an Orthodox pop sensation.

Aural Pleasures

Move over, Ira Glass! Yes, every sensitive young woman and her gay brother has a crush on the host of "This American Life."

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