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January 13, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Turn On, Tune In, Hook Up

As Internet dating has lost its stigma, more and more young New Yorkers are using it as the ticket to no-strings-attached (if not exactly risk-free) sexual liaisons, and it’s fueling a casual-sex explosion not seen since Maxwell’s Plum’s heyday back in the seventies. Plus: While the kids are taking free love to a new level, the stress and intensity (not to mention the recession—and the kids) that accompany a high-powered life in the city, writes Ralph Gardner Jr., are wreaking havoc on the libidos of married New Yorkers.


Heart of Glass

A West Village mom and freelance editor, Julia Glass wrote her novel, Three Junes, with modest expectations, in stolen moments at the kitchen table, surrounded by the chaos of family life. But when she became the upset winner of the National Book Award, a literary star was born—at age 46.

Building a Future

In the unwieldy planning process for rebuilding the World Trade Center, inspiration has been slow in arriving. But finally it’s here. Almost all of the designs submitted last month contain at least the seeds of good architecture, and one finds a brilliant balance between the imperatives of a 9/11 memorial, the need to repopulate the site, and the city’s desire for a great skyline.



Rosie Perez, Jef Goldblum, Graydon Carter, Ron Perelman and more.


Best Bets

Agate coasters, Flou fleece blankets, and a water-resistant wool sweater.

Sales & Bargains

Street-smart sneakers.


Gridiron Gentlemen

Win or lose, the Jets and Giants are No. 1 when it comes to their civilized owners.

She Lets the Dogs Out

Meet Audra Allen, travel agent to man's best friend.

The Bloody Fabulous Fiona Shaw

Fiona Shaw is currently spilling blood and making critics swoon in Medea. We caught up with her in the dressing room.


The Unspun

Contrary to popular belief (and what the press would have you believe), whether a public figure gets good or bad press has shockingly little to do with performance. President Bush knows this; Bloomberg is about to find out.

True Lies

Against all odds, the Republicans have managed to spin the Lott scandal—as they did Enron—into a boon for their party. How? By rewriting history. And they’re about to do it again.


Agent Provocateur

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind presents Chuck Barris’s tall tale as truth; poor technique kills the Dardenne brothers’ Son

Past Imperfect

An all-star cast can’t help a dumbed-down version of Joy Hakim’s

Disc Aid

An overview of the biggest breakout hits in a year full of big-ticket bombs.

Fat City

Enjoying the Italian excess at Vincent Scotto’s Gonzo.

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