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February 24, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Shakytown East

The war, the economy, the threat of terrorism—in New York City, we're now experiencing the perfect storm of anxiety. It's a moment when all possible futures seem troubling, when our leaders seem confused or inadequate to the tasks in front of them. The problem is that fear itself is one of the things we have to fear—anxiety is holding us back. When was the last time New Yorkers felt this way? The seventies.


Fear Factor NYC

Sarah Bernard reports on how New Yorkers are coping with the latest threats to the city.

Dance Fever

Four decades ago, the Quadrille Ball—awash in white gloves, hoop skirts, and eighteenth-century etiquette—was a place where the offspring of the well-to-do and well-connected met their mates. The new economy has made strange bedfellows: Now young professionals of every background from Park Avenue to Paramus don tiaras and tails (not to mention submit to a ten-week finishing school) to get a taste of the golden age of high society, if only for a night.

Who the Hell Is Howard Dean?

He's a product of Park Avenue, the Yale-educated scion of three generations of investment bankers, and a medical doctor. He's pro–balanced budget, pro–health-care reform, pro–abortion rights, and (very) anti–war on Iraq. He's married to a nice Jewish doctor, and he's appealingly humble. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he's the hottest comer among the Democratic presidential candidates. So what if he's the five-term governor of a state with a population a third that of Queens?



Anna Wintour, Lauren Bush, Tina Brown, and much more!


Sales & Bargains

Cool cargos for weekend wear.


Heading to South Beach to check out Florida's latest hot spots


Pearl River Mart

A packed-to-the-gills Chinatown classic gets a radical makeover.

Gay Ball!

At the gay-volleyball tryouts, "fifth-grade gym class" meets "the Miss America pageant."


Blind items driving you batty? One e-newsletter dares to name names.

Frock Shock

From Park Avenue to Bryant Park, the fashion world was flabbergasted by the news of Lars Nilsson's sacking at Bill Blass.



Harvey Weinstein gets the Oscar for marketing razzle-dazzle

Strong Medicine

Doctors talk candidly about the quantum mechanics of doctors' fees



Dark Blue delivers Kurt Russell at his provocative best


Erik Larson explores innovation and evil in turn-of-the-last-century Chicago; Norman Mailer lectures on literature


A Ma Rainey revival electrifies nearly as much as the original; Little Fish flops


MoMA QNS's great "Matisse Picasso" examines a rivalry in which everyone wins

Classical Music

Saluting a West Coast composer without condescension; the Cleveland's new baton

Pop Music

Cent's preoccupation with death is too much; Human League rocks


Lavish Latino fare at Republi'k

John Leonard's TV Notes

Television critic John Leonard reviews A Letter From the Deep, Biography: James Baldwin, Da Ali G Show, 1st to Die, The Pill

Naked City

The Pickup Artist

One guy's femme side gets him hooked up—but not settled down

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