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March 17, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Down(sized) and Out in New York City

Call it the top-down recession. For the thousands of investment bankers who have found themselves laid off over the past couple of years, figuring out how to live on less cash was the easy part. Now they’re realizing that the boom days—million-dollar bonuses, riding lessons for the kids, even job security—are over. Probably for good.


Egg on His Face

One of England’s funniest stand-up comics, Eddie Izzard has been selling out arena-size venues ever since he stepped behind the mike in eyeliner and stilettos. Now he’s gotten serious—or at least bitterly funny—in a Broadway revival of A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, a play about a happy marriage transformed by the arrival of a brain-damaged child.

Life After Death

For Amanda Robb, the murder of her uncle Bart—the obstetrician shot in his upstate home by anti-abortion activist James Kopp—was more than just a personal tragedy: It was a public spectacle, a political flashpoint. As Kopp’s trial gets under way this week in Buffalo, the niece of Barnett Slepian untangles the threads of her uncle’s legacy and tells of her own deeply emotional journey to understand the man who tore her family apart.



Sarah Kozer, Steven Schragis, Ross Bleckner, Stephen Schwarzman and more!


Best Bets

Webby Hogan sneakers, Paul Smith watches, and custom-fitted ties

Sales & Bargains

Sharp structured jackets for spring


Off-season deals in the Caribbean


From Russia With Trouble

Frenchies may be Steve Martin’s new best friends—but when these “It” dogs hail from Moscow, watch out!

Survivor: Manhattan

French châteaux? Asian jungles? Surely NYC has some reality-TV locales—and stars—of its own.


Mayor Bloomberg’s rubbing voters the wrong way, but not because he’s a billionaire. Blame his Johns Hopkins education.


Michael Jackson paid 150 grand to get Spielberg. Who would you hex?

War Babies

A generation reared on cynicism suddenly discovers political earnestness.


Norah Jones on life post-Grammys—and miniskirts.


This Media Life

Prime-time-TV czars Jeff Zucker and Susan Lyne get a reality check they never bargained for

The City Politic

New York deserves a crack at meting out post-9/11 justice

Naked City

Sex-toy salons are the twenty-first-century version of the Tupperware



Bend It Like Beckham takes a teen tale to the soccer field, Bollywood-style; Jonas Akerlund stylizes Spun to death


Take Me Out elevates locker-room talk (and full frontal nudity) to an art form; Cynthia Nixon shines in String Fever


The Whitney’s high-IQ Diller + Scofidio retrospective delivers modernist design with a dash of humor


Jefferson is a little neighborhood spot with surprisingly expansive cuisine

TV Notes

Television critic John Leonard reviews The Great American Songbook, Frozen Impact, Mafia Doctor, Normal, and If I Should Fall From Grace

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