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April 7, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

35 Years

It’s been a wild ride, one that’s impossible to contain between two covers. In this issue, we revisit 35 moments that continue to resonate, reflecting all the comedy and creativity, tragedy and (admit it) farce that make up the city’s humanity. We’ve also charted the rise and fall of “It” girls and “It” boys, restaurants, nightclubs—all the scenes that make the city an exciting circus. Come celebrate New York’s 35th anniversary. The party’s in these pages.



Nicole Kidman, Billy Joel, Madonna, and much more!


Blog On

If the war is unfolding live on the Web, have bloggers become reporters?

On-Air War

Who’s winning the TV battle in Iraq? They report, we decide.

Base Instincts

In its truly weird new ad campaign, starring a post-orgasmic Sharon Stone, AOL suddenly discovers broadband—and cybersex.

Top 5

Outdoor Sports Lessons

Winter’s finally skulking away, so stash the boots and dig out the sneakers—it’s a perfect time to tighten up your outdoor game with one of these crash courses.


Eye Zone

Soothing eye masks, creams that'll make you glow like J.Lo, and the ultimate skin smoothers.

Bloomsday Scenario

Want some flair at your fingertips? Just flash one of these petal-print purses.


Live From Doha...

Doha: media capital

New York Statesman

Pat Moynihan’s lasting impact on New York lives

Healing Hands

Sex (therapy) for sale



Nick Nolte steers The Good Thief to success


A sexless Don Juan; Rushdie’s long stage transfer


Christian Schad’s steamy portraits at the Neue Galerie

Classical Music

A John Adams tribute


Surviving Auschwitz—then going up against the INS


Global fare at Barbalùc and Brasserie 360


Baryshnikov shines in Mr. XYZ

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