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April 21, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Supernatural Superstars

Your shrink says the problems are all in your head, but you know that’s not true. And you’re not alone. New Yorkers in ever greater numbers are consulting tarot cards and astrological charts and even crystal balls in their search for happiness, peace of mind, and someone to cast a spell on their bosses and exes. Here’s our uncannily all-knowing guide to finding the right medium—or astrologer, or numerologist, or shaman.


Fortune Hunters

The women beckoning you into their neon-lit storefronts warn of hidden enemies and lurking dangers, and promise to protect and heal through (overpriced) crystals and spells to cleanse your aura. Who are they? (Lesson No. 1: Don’t call them Gypsies.) More important, do they know what they’re talking about? One writer’s surprising exploration of the hidden world of psychics.

Mind-Bending Experience

Mentalist Gerard Senehi can bend keys, suspend a cigarette in mid-air, and transform the stem of a wineglass into a spiraling twist—he can even make time stop on your wristwatch. Does he have some mysterious power above and beyond the laws of physics? Or magic-shop sleight of hand? A hint: You won’t find his secrets by looking into his deep-set, hypnotic eyes.

Politically Correct

Newsweek columnist Fareed Zakaria, with a blue-chip education, an A-list Rolodex, and unique insights into the Third World in general and the Muslim world in particular, is journalism’s smoothest careerist since Walter Isaacson left Time Warner. And as with many a highly talented writer, what he really wants to do is direct—foreign policy.



Anna Wintour, Jennifer Lopez, Stella McCartney and much more!


Best Bets

Trendy trays, tee time with Coach, and Palermo slides

Sales & Bargains

Breezy blouses for spring


The Beeb Tube

Turned off by CNN vs. Fox, some New Yorkers like to get their news from London.


This Media Life

In Doha, the author questions the value of those Centcom press briefings, and Rush Limbaugh calls out the troops.

The City Politic

Wrangling an intractable budget crisis, the mayor discovers who his real friends are.

Naked City

A divorcée discovers sex



A Mighty Wind gleefully sends up the folk-music scene; Anger Management isn’t worthy of Jack


Over the top and around the bend with James Frey in A Million Little Pieces; Family History’s heroine is born to suffer


The sexy women of Nine rule; Eddie Izzard leads a brilliant revival of Joe Egg

Classical Music

The intermittent pleasures of Antony and Cleopatra; the Met’s flat Parsifal


Elie Nadelman’s insouciant sculptures come to life at the Whitney


NBC pays tribute to the great women of comedy (well, some of them . . . )

Pop Music

The White Stripes’ Elephant is so retro it’s positively modern

The Underground Gourmet

Café Mexicano: spicy snacks in the Slope

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