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April 28, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

It’s Getting Hot in Here

From a cozy, country-style nook in a West Village walkup to the two stainless-steel galleys in one bachelor’s loft, four kitchens that will make you see cooking in a whole different light.


Bathroom Shopping List

Whether you’re seeking a vibrant, Moroccan-style salon or a tub that’s built into the office wall, these designer sources will help you get the most out of your bathroom.

The Missing Piece

Designer Vivienne Tam stripped her tacky postwar apartment down to its foundations, and then surrounded the roughness of exposed concrete with sensuous materials—lacquer, rosewood, marble, plaster—to create a glowing haven, a serene summation of the East-meets-West aesthetic that’s made her famous. PLUS: The designers’ sources for everything you’ll see in these pages.

Fall Fashion Alert

It’s tough out there, and designers know it. That’s why they want you armed with looks for fall that are smart, sharp, and ready for anything—and that offer a little fabulousness to tide you over. The top ten pieces of the coming season and the accessories to match.

Kerrey's New War

Not so long ago, Bob Kerrey was a liberal senator from Nebraska with a glamorous bachelor life, a heroic record in the Vietnam war, and unlimited (the presidency) potential. Now he’s a New Yorker, a family man with a young son, and an embattled university president whose pro-war stance on Iraq—and involvement in civilian deaths in Vietnam—have made him a flash point of antiwar sentiment for his New School students. And he’s as introspective and articulate as ever. Talk about a long, strange trip.



Winona Ryder, Alan Wilzig, Michael Caine and much more!


Best Bets

The Saucer chair, Sigerson Morrison shoes (for men!), and toothbrushes for tots

Sales & Bargains

Bold Wellingtons for wet weather


Cycling, kayaking, and surfing your way through spring


Good Jeans

Seven and Habitual? Yawn. There's a new jean in town.

Fog of Victory

After the war, what's a good New York liberal to do—much less to think?

Queen Victoria

These days, it seems like anyone can be a rapper. But Victoria Aitken, posher than Posh Spice, is by far the most unlikely candidate.

Checks Out

Three new eateries that could cause your own budget crisis.


This Media Life

Why Al Jazeera is the big winner of the Iraq war

Victory Bond

Traders are obsessed with figuring out how the war is affecting the market. Too bad they’re looking in all the wrong places.

Naked City

The straight dope from a glamorous hair stylist



Al Pacino hams it up in People I Know; Confidence gets mired in its own plot


Easy laughs dominate The Play What I Wrote; Urban Cowboy is a lot of bull

Classical Music

An enchanting revival of Handel’s Flavio; Béatrice et Benedict

Pop Music

Fleetwood Mac and Madonna set their (short) sights on global politics


Douglas Rodriguez goes Atkins in grand style at Ola

TV Notes

John Leonard's TV Notes

Top 5

Nineties Alternative Bands on Tour

For something so recent, the mid-nineties alterna-scene seems remarkably far off. (Seen Avenue B lately?) Five of that era’s staple acts are in town this week, some obscure, some who’ve exploded.

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