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May 5, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Dinner Party Confidential

From Carroll Petrie’s classy perfection to Rena Sindi’s themed extravaganzas to Georgette Mosbacher’s duck-and-cover controversy to designer Zang Toi’s trembling crème caramel (he wraps it in gold ribbon), we crashed soirées all over town to find out who holds the best dinner parties. And who their favorite guests are.


Donny Boy

Donny Deutsch is the last of Madison Avenue’s hard-partying, F-word-using, large-living Mohicans. Not that it’s hurt his business—or his bank account. His company was Adweek’s Agency of the Year for four of the past five years, and he sold it in 2000 for $200 million. And now, starting with a CNBC pilot, he’s trying to take his act to ever-bigger stages. Is New York City ready for Mayor Donny Deutsch?

Downtown Express

Old Times Square may be gone. But in downtown bars, theaters, and cabarets, its spirit lives on. Neo-vaudeville, burlesque, drag, and art stars: They’re winning over irony-and-cynicism-weary audiences with an explosion of glitter, nudity, song, and dance. Who’s who and what’s what in the city’s wild new performance scene.



Katie Couric, Diane von Furstenberg, Julianne Moore and much more!


Best Bets

Summer whites—from sandals to stepping stools


Bliss lipstick, a new Mud Honey salon, and a lift for legs


Spoilsports of Victory

Shame on Fox for firing a kitsch-craving looter— they created war kitsch!



As downloading movies and burning DVDs gets easier and easier, the studios are doing exactly the wrong thing: just what the music industry did

The City Politic

How long will it be until we see the headline Pataki to New York: drop dead?

Naked City

A photographer whose passion is the male nude



Javier Bardem gives a heroic performance in The Dancer Upstairs; eight brainy kids pursue an American dream in Spellbound


Buddhist exhibits—both ancient and contemporary—put Zen on display


John Leonard’s TV Notes


At Bard College, Frank Gehry delivers an ethereal Hudson Valley masterpiece


Sarah Michelson upends convention with Shadowmann; Boris Eifman misfires with Who’s Who


Inspired American—not French!—fare at Etats-Unis

Top 5

Cheap Beers

As more and more New Yorkers find their 401(k)s going down the drain, an inexpensive way to forget about one’s dreary finances is doubly inviting.

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