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May 26, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Times of Trouble

Jayson Blair’s fabrications were only the fuse, igniting a full-scale conflagration at the paper of record, exposing deep newsroom schisms over the leadership of executive editor Howell Raines—and even that of chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. A story of truth, falsehood, narcissism, and exorcism on West 43rd Street.


The Battle for the Newsroom

Carl Swanson covers the inside story of the crime—and the fallout.

Close Encounters

Über–art dealer Larry Gagosian’s relentless ambition and bold business tactics have always given him an edge over his peers, who view him with a mix of admiration and apprehension. Now (with an assist from client Sam Waksal) those talents have put him at odds with the Feds, who are suing Gagosian and some associates for $26.5 million in back taxes. With new scrutiny of high-flying business transactions all the rage, can the master dealer finesse this one?

The Man Show

For men, fashion is all in the details. A breakdown of thirteen of the season’s most desirable looks and a winning, wearable example of each.

Here's Johnny!

A former club kid and a merry prankster in the kitchen, Jean Georges pastry chef Johnny Luzzini is an impeccably trained—by four-star mentors—master of the sweet sublime. Or, as he puts it proudly, “a sugar freak.” Just ask his dentist.



Lara Flynn Boyle, Harrison Ford, Heather Graham and much more!!!



Best Bets

Rakhi bracelets, a Bottega Veneta cuff-link box, and flip-flops for kids

Strappy Days Again

Freshen up your closet with a crisp, cool sundress.


Fare Play

If the $2 ride becomes history (for now), what else might we roll back?

Show and Tell

From Costa Rican chic to costs-a-fortune, new restaurants in Los Hamptons.


Get Real

The Tony nominations: more dancing than daring on Broadway.

Naked City

One-night stands on demand from Craigslist—with no waiting



Awesome effects but messy myth-making in The Matrix Reloaded; the sixties-retro Down With Love is camp, not homage


Love and politics mix in Mortals, Norman Rush’s massive new masterpiece


Vanessa Redgrave unbalances A Long Day’s Journey Into Night; Woody Allen’s pen falters in Writer’s Block


Dia:Beacon takes contemporary art back to loft-ier times


Maggie Smith moseys through the dreamy My House in Umbria; Rachael Stirling charms in Tipping the Velvet


At Bard’s new theater, Merce Cunningham offers movement minus meaning


Ultrafresh seafood—but no dessert!—at the Mermaid Inn

Top 5


Everyone knows about Central Park and Coney Island, but there are plenty of other places to take the kids—or yourself—for a spin on a painted pony (or frog, or spider).

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