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August 11, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Sexy in the City

Who turns us on? Whether it’s men or women whose company we seek, we like some brains with our (Pilates-toned) bodies. Or some money. And some style. And a walnut-floored, Viking-outfitted Greene Street loft with twelve-foot ceilings wouldn’t hurt. Here we offer the definitive list of New York’s sexiest citizens—a Who’s Who of hot. Plus: We asked a panel of experts to give us the skinny on some typical New Yorkers—because in this town, competition is very sexy.


The Media at War

New York and the Guardian invited some of the world’s top journalists to the New School to consider the question: Did the American media sell out in covering Iraq? And did the Brits show us how it should be done?



Readers sound off on the Cuomo-Kennedy split and more.

The Help Desk

Yoga-mat etiquette, plastic-surgery politesse, the boyfriend who won’t stop baking—your quintessentially New York quandaries resolved, in our new biweekly advice column


Intelligencer Column

Moby’s new digs . . . the Atlantic gets punk’d ...Missy on Madonna

Big Question

What do foodies think of Rocco DiSpirito’s new show? And would they want one of their own?

Marriage Is a Cabaret!

Liza and David’s union may be over, but let’s show their past love some respect.

Good for the Gays or . . . ?

They report, we can’t decide.


This Media Life

The tide is turning against the president—or is it? Suddenly, the media has no script.

The City Politic

Mark Green’s talking 2005. But his enemies are still fighting 2001.

The Bottom Line

Five stocks that are experiencing life after death

Smart City

Best of New York

Fit for a maharaja and hip enough for a fashion maven, the city’s hottest luggage

Best Bets

Cookie Monster tees, colorful new cabinets, and the cutest little note cards

Sales & Bargains

From scrunchies to sundresses

Shop Talk

Chic, original, and affordable, the new Annelore boutique refreshes West Village shopping.

Ask New York

A cranky parking officer gave me a ticket I don’t deserve! How do I lose this orange envelope without giving up any green?



The Secret Lives of Dentists explores adultery in all its messy complexity; Merchant Ivory goes modern—and muddles it—with Le Divorce; Bob Dylan goes psychobabble in Masked and Anonymous


A delightful spoken and signed revival of Big River is easy on the ears and eyes


At Nice Matin, cuisine of the Riviera finds a home on the Upper West Side; Five Front offers pleasant escape from the summer heat

TV Notes

This week: The OC, Street Time, and more.

Top Five

Where to Float Your Boat

Borough by borough, where to float your boat—beyond the park.

Classic Rockers

Where are they now? This week, right here in New York.

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