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August 25, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Fall Fashion 2003

Finally, glamour is back. And how we missed it. This season is all about transcending the everyday and dressing with a sense of high drama. Inside, you’ll find fall’s hottest trends—from must-have accessories to eye-catching eveningwear to some truly killer coats—and we’ve invited some of the sharpest eyes in town (Carolina Herrera, John Varvatos, Tomas Maier) to supply the finishing touches. We also raided the closets of celebrities like Mandy Moore, Ashley Judd, and Kip Pardue, who are taking this season’s looks from the runway to the red carpet. But this fall, in this city, everyone’s a star.



Readers sound off on the hot new vacation spot, the Catskills.

The Help Desk

Stomach-turning subway behavior; bikini-line office banter; no-show dinner invitees

Smart City

Best of New York

Necklaces whose charms go beyond cute

Best Bets

A hip Hampton City watch, a cool Carrie bag, and fall’s zippiest boots

Test Drive

We give one-on-one Pilates sessions a workout

Sales & Bargains

Eyewear, furnishings, clothes for both moms-to-be and their babies

Shop Talk

Hand-carved Italian cameos tucked away in the heart of midtown.

Deal of the Week

For those of us yet to succumb to iPod madness, Discgear makes the perfect travel case for twenty of your most-played CDs.

Ask New York

Where can I rent a driver for the day?


Intelligencer Column

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s high times . . . Melissa Rivers’s naked ambition

Play Girl

Ashley Harkleroad is still trying to live down that infamous U.S. Open outfit. But there are many other reasons to watch her on the court.

Big Question

The city is installing twenty pay public toilets. How would you design one?

Summer of the Rat

Nourished by trash and rain, the rodents are living large this season. A Pied Piper tells us what to do.

Fifties Foot Fetish

Beloved by Marilyn, Delmans are back!

Soirées 101

Hamptons kids learn how to throw a dinner party.

Wise Old Night Owl

If she’s not saving Africa, look for 87-year-old Zelda Kaplan at Bungalow 8.


This Media Life

The liberal reluctance to step outside the comfort zone

The Bottom Line

How the Democrats could use the economy to unseat Bush

The Download

The real problem isn’t file-sharing (sorry, RIAA). It’s the fact that none of our personal information is private anymore.



Thirteen’s teen mastermind falls into Hollywood traps; Kevin Costner finds home on the Open Range


Melanie Griffith brings star power to Chicago; the dubious Slut rocks the Fringe Festival


Persecuted painter Mu Xin’s extraordinary landscapes come to the Asia Society

Classical Music

At Glimmerglass, a beautifully sung Bluebeard only looks silly; Schweik returns, brilliantly


Citified southern fare at Ida Mae Kitchen-n-Lounge

TV Notes

John Leonard reviews West 47th Street, Smoking Gun TV, and more.

Top Five

East Village Film Festival

Our top five picks from this year's funky film festival

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