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September 15, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Moving On

Two years ago, sixteen people cheated death when the North Tower fell around them, only to discover that surviving when so many didn’t presents its own agonies. Steve Fishman reports. Plus: 25 New Yorkers on their journeys—public and private—since 9/11.


Reverend President!?

Whether he’s running for president of America— or president of Black America—Al Sharpton’s political sphere just got a lot bigger. “People used to say I was an ambulance chaser. I said, Fool, I am the ambulance. Now I’m the national ambulance.”



Readers sound off on Shockey, the Fab Five, and more.

Smart City

Best of New York

Sweet, succulent sticky buns courtesy of Tom Colicchio’s ’Wichcraft

Best Bets

A Stella McCartney design for breast cancer, Milton Glaser’s children’s book, and an emergency kit for brides

Shop Talk

An eclectic collection of household furnishings finds a home in Brooklyn.

Sales & Bargains

Cute corduroys for fall, plus deals on designer duds by Cerruti, Prada, and more

Ask New York

I want my bride to have an engagement ring like no other. Where can I get my own design rendered in platinum and diamonds?

Tipping Points...Straight Talk...iPod Etiquette

Tipping points...straight talk for bisexuals...iPod etiquette


Intelligencer Column

Monster Bash... Bill O’Reilly vs. Al Franken . . . The Lubavitcher Hamptons share . . .

Bait and Switch

Bonnie Fuller is fishing for talent--and she's loaded! S. I. Newhouse, watch your back.

Chic Trick

Yes, you can rub shoulder pads with Anna and Glenda!

I've Got Worms!

Composting's no longer just for the 'burbs. You can do it in your one-bedroom.

Big Question

Wall Streeters were shocked to learn Dick Grasso's package is worth $140 million. Does he deserve it?

New York Minute

Ali Wentworth swears she won't boast about her sex life with George Stephanopoulos again on her new show. Honest.


This Media Life

Has Howard Dean’s Internet fund-raising created an inflated perception of his popularity?


If Pixar is the new Disney, what should Disney do about it?


Sleepless in Tokyo

In Lost in Translation, Bill Murray plays a man stranded in a posh, all-inclusive hotel that serves as a metaphor for his numbed existence.

TV Notes - Week of September 15, 2003

John Leonard reviews Whoopi, Carnivàle, and more.

Hearts and Letters

Dalton Trumbo’s words inspire his son to create a moving portrait of courage; The Thing About Men is a felicitous blend of musical and farce.

Tapas This

With big flavors and small prices, Kuma Inn gives tapas a Thai-Philippine twist (and a dash of Bouley and Boulud).

Top Five Ways to Remember 9/11

Talks and readings to get us all through the second anniversary.

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