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October 13, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

House Tour 2003

What happens when a headstrong designer acquires an ordinary rental space in the financial district? If it’s Todd Oldham, it becomes a playful mid-century-modern style lab (accessorized by his dog, Ann). Wendy Goodman takes us on a visit with Oldham and seven other creative New Yorkers, from Hilary Swank to Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who’ve turned their apartments into bold personal statements—with or without professional help. Plus: No closet space? A stunning view of an air shaft? Top designers and architects share their solutions to typical New York apartment problems.


Hedge Funds

What banks were to Willie Sutton, New York is to pols: It’s where the money is. These days, Democratic presidential hopefuls are rushing to meet-and-greets all over town, competing for cash and big-name endorsements. Faced with a feverishly crowded field, deep-pocketed Dems are hedging their bets, attending one another’s galas and fund-raisers, writing checks to multiple candidates—and putting the party back in party politics.


Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on Wesley Clark, Alec Baldwin, and Donald Trump's dating advice for Chelsea Clinton.

The Help Desk

Fending off complimentary carbs, charm school for grown-ups, and averting dinner-party disaster

Smart City

Best of New York

Revamping tired soles at Angelo’s Shoe Repair

Best Bets

Stilettos, scarves, a coffee grinder, and more—all to benefit breast-cancer funds

Shop Talk

Mexx give H&M some serious competition.

Sales & Bargains

This week's hottest sales.

Deal of the Week

Chic (and cheap) ottomans

Ask New York

My favorite lipstick has been discontinued. Who can copy it?


Skip Cabo San Lucas, but don’t give up on Los Cabos just yet


Intelligencer Column

Spike Lee's bunnies . . . De Niro ditches Tribeca...Anna & Glenda at Di Silvano?

Big Question

New Daily News gossip Lloyd Grove started out with a front-page (in the Times) story. But howÂ’s he doing so far?

The School Glossy

A Trinity senior (with a little help from Dad) launches a mag for private-school kids.

Murder on Metro-North

A writer has a thrill ride and gets tons of work done.

The Hot List

A list of the top waiting lists. What's your number?

Fuzzy Logic

Cuddly creatures channel harebrained magazine prose. Media types eat 'em up!

The Knives Are Out

Will Lever House unseat The Four Seasons at lunch?

Mme. Bikini Pants

Meet the designer of the $95 knickers.


This Media Life

File sharing may be bad for the music business—seriously bad—but good for the music

The City Politic

Why Bloomberg is likely to wait in vain for his adopted party—and especially the governor—to return his many favors

Strong Medicine

Coronary care becomes a major battleground between the surgeons and the noninvasive docs



Clint Eastwood gets to the tragic heart of a murder with Mystic River; Quentin Tarantino delivers pop carnage (again!) in Kill Bill


Little Shop of Horrors returns, with a lively cast and a hungry plant; Living Out is the first great new play in years


El Greco at the Met finds astonishing unity in the artist’s skill and fervor

TV Notes

John Leonard reviews House Rules, A Tale of Two Wives, and more.

Pop Music

Richard X’s debut is a mix for the mind; skittering synth lines and malaprops make Mu a treat

Underground Gourmet

Going Greek without breaking the bank at Snack Taverna

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Pizza Pi... Divane Intervention...Bubby's Goes To Brooklyn

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