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October 27, 2003 Issue

Cover Story

Back to the Future

A talented, championship-caliber sports team in the heart of Brooklyn? No, it’s not nostalgia. Developer Bruce Ratner is angling to bring a basketball team to a Frank Gehry–designed arena on Atlantic Avenue. Good-bye, Dodgers. Hello, Nets.


Out of Bounds

When members of a high-school football team on Long Island were accused of sexual attacks, the community was appalled . . . some by the crimes, others by the cancellation of the season. Now the boys may face adult charges, the victims are being ostracized, and the locals are divided.

Paris Review

You’ve already done the museum-and-monument marathon. On your next trip to Paris, rent an apartment, and give yourself time to stop and smell the farmhouse cheeses.

Angkor's Away

Cambodia’s Angkor Wat isn’t Disneyland, but that’s precisely the point. If you really want your kids to know the world, you’ve got to take them somewhere real.

Twin Peaks

St. Lucia’s famed Pitons are just one of the Caribbean hideaway’s draws. There are pristine beaches, lush rain forests, and a refreshing lack of posing vacationers.

Heli, Yeah

Vail? Excellent. Aspen? Love it. But if you want to take skiing to a whole other level, hop onboard a helicopter.

Hot Spots

Twenty more “It” trips, from Europe’s best new place to eat to Brazil’s sexiest beach.

Smart City

Best of New York

Getting into the Halloween spirit at Economy Candy

Best Bets

Knit backpacks for the kids, the ultimate sweater set, and fashionable flats.

Shop Talk

At a new Soho store, design goes patriotic.

Sales & Bargains

Beautiful bathroom fixtures for less, plus sales at Escada, Tahari, and Find Outlet

Deal of the Week

Polish up your bathroom with Rhea Alexander's stylish bath fixtures.

Ask New York

I need a good leather tailor!

Prime Cut

Sally Hershberger, queen of fabulous hair in L.A., has come to town.

Elevator Etiquette...Sleepless In Midtown...Tacky Bride

How to deal with noisy neighbors, elevator etiquette, and wedding gift-giving do's and don'ts.


Richard Simmons takes flight . . . Numero Uma . . . Olsen Twins head downtown

Richard Simmons flies the friendly skies, Uma opens up (sort of) about Ethan, and Tara Reid's party boy-toy.


Sprint has slowed its elevators (stairs, anyone?). How else should corporate America lose weight?

No, I'm the Boss

Has George Steinbrenner finally met his match in Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria?

Age of Anxiety

Not everyone can be as rich as Bill Gates by 30.

Purrfect Pet?

It's no tiger, but it's still one wild house cat.

Hipsterless Brooklyn

Does gentrification always eat its own? A debate starring Barbara Corcoran.

Holy Cow

Socialites convert themselves into Hindu goddesses.

Survey Course

Who? New Yorkers sound off on art-world denizens.

Voice Lesson

With Ethan Hawke by her side, Broadway’s Audra McDonald tackles her first nonsinging part in Henry IV.


This Media Life

Race, celebrity, sex, publicity—in the Kobe trial, unfortunately, guilt or innocence is apparently only one of the issues

The City Politic

Zero federal aid for the ground-zero workers who are still suffering respiratory problems? Is that any way to treat a hero?


Wait Gain

Instant critics be damned. Two months after opening, Lever House has earned a spot among New York’s top power-dining palaces.

Cubano Sandwiches

Long before the rise of the pressed panino, there was the cubano, the greatest thing ever to happen to ham and cheese.

The Accidental Couscous...Dutch Treat...Sui Generis

WD-50's new scallop "couscous," a hot new Mediterranean cookbook, a dutch treat opens in Brooklyn.

Cheap Shots

In Elephant, Gus Van Sant aims for an objective look at teen shootings in America, but his art-house approach is way too cool for school.

All Petered Out

Peter Allen married Liza Minnelli and struck gold with I Go to Rio. But despite a game impersonation by Hugh Jackman, The Boy From Oz never engages us.


The indefatigable Gergiev conducts a splendid Romeo and Juliet (among many other things), while Maazel renders Shakespeare soulless.

King of Pop

The Guggenheim’s overview of the big, blaring canvases of James Rosenquist reveals the subtlety amid the spaghetti and mushroom clouds.

Richie Rich

In his first film, Jamie Johnson—heir to the Band-Aid fortune—skewers his fellow trustafarians. No wonder they’re no longer talking to him.

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