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February 2, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

Gray Area

For over 25 years, Spalding Gray kept his demons at bay through his work on- stage and in film, especially in the brilliant monologues—Swimming to Cambodia was his best known—that laced fevered confession with a wry, self-deprecating humor. But a devastating car accident sank Gray into a deep depression, leading to several suicide attempts. When he disappeared on a cold night in January, the family and friends who’d been struggling to save him could only conclude that he acted on the impulse that had come to obsess him—to leap to his death from the Staten Island Ferry.


A Line in the Sand

Is Israel creating a de facto Palestinian state by fencing off the West Bank and considering pulling back from some of its settlements there? One controversial historian believes that anything less spells the Jewish state’s demise.

The Greene Machine

Partners Fisher Stevens and John Penotti haven’t once used their credit cards to finance a movie. Their pugnacious indie company, GreeneStreet Films, is scoring both at the box office and with such compelling Oscar bait as In the Bedroom. And these best friends are having a great time in the bargain.


The Help Desk

Etiquette with overexercisers, fending off “friendly” advances, and your girlfriend, the stripper

Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on the New York Awards, "The Place to Be," and more.

Smart City

Best of New York

From newsboy caps to custom-fitted fedoras, the J.J. Hat Center has everything you need to top off your look

Best Bets

Duct-tape wallets, a faux-croc pet carrier, and the adorable iPod mini

Shop Talk

Some altitude to go with Williamsburg's attitude.

Test Drive

Taking a chance on supercheap student haircuts

Sales & Bargains

Deal of the Week: A nifty knockoff of a classic Naval chair

Plus: This week's sale listings

I'm Looking for Custom-Made Gloves

I’m having trouble finding gloves that fit me like—well, you know. Do any shops custom-make them?


Intelligencer Column

Michael Moore gets all wet. Plus, the scoop on the National Board of Review Awards.

Borough Haul

The Nets, a top Zagat’s pick, maybe even Miranda—what does Brooklyn need next?

The Money Trail

Edwards and Kerry supporters rejoice, Deaniacs fret, and Gephardt backers get wooed.

Under the Gun

Will the NRA be the Republicans’ next cruise ship?

Talk to the Hair

On The Apprentice, Trump pulls off a feat to rival his follicles: He seems human.

Cash Blow

The shock of other people’s balances.

Runway Rage

New Customs rules have Brazilian models—and other foreign flyers—seeing red.

New York Minute

In her first novel, former film producer Elisabeth Robinson mixes Hollywood satire with personal tragedy.


This Media Life

The Democratic race is no longer about who wins—it’s about who’s the best at losing

The City Politic

Mayor Mike has launched a fresh political offensive (boccie, anyone?) to win back the hearts and minds of angry outer-borough voters. So why are they still so mad?



In Touching the Void, what goes up must come down—but at what cost?


How David Denby and Pete Rose’s oddly similar American dreams turned to nightmares


The Architecture of Loss is a powerful voice on the subject of family


A new photo show at ICP delves into the iconography of race

Classical Music

Deft violinist Joshua Bell indulges his sweet tooth at Lincoln Center

TV Notes

John Leonard reviews Shelter Dogs, Just Another Story, and more

Pop Music

Kanye West and the Glimmer Twins make musical history


Lucy Mexican Barbecue takes over at ABC

New on DVD

New this week: In the Cut, Capturing the Friedmans, and more.

The Week

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Chelsea Market gets another niche-filling specialist: ecologically friendly cooking that doesn’t taste like burlap.

Top Five

Buffalo Wings

On Super Bowl Sunday, there’s a spicy chicken wing out there for everyone—even the vegan in your life.

Books on Film

Done with Down and Dirty Pictures? Five more film volumes go into wide release.

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