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February 9, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

Shore Thing

Along the Hudson from the Far West Village to western Soho, ambitious developers and their equally ambitious architects are attempting to turn what was a desolate stretch of warehouses (just try getting a cab!) into the city’s newest Gold Coast. More than half a dozen residential high-rises now going up, with spectacular views and premium amenities (resistance pool, anyone?), are designed to create what developers hope will be California on the Hudson—and detractors worry will be the future East Trenton.


Just Add Water

“Sometimes I pull down the shades, but usually I just play along”: A first look inside Richard Meier’s exclusive—but not exactly so private—glass towers.

Guccione, Naked

Bob Guccione’s giant East Side townhouse is now owned by his creditors, most of his prized art collection is gone, and the magazine empire he built has been auctioned off. A near-recluse, the Penthouse founder reflects on what he gave the world before his bondholders “sucked every penny out.”


Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on our picks for "Where to Eat 2004" and more.

Smart City

Best of New York

Gear for D.J.’s, sold by D.J.’s, at the Turntable Lab

Best Bets

Steuben Glass martini glasses, Kikkerland's stacking wine rack, peacock-feather earrings by Audrey Hu, and more.

Shop Talk

An upstate shop ripens in a new location.

Sales & Bargains

Deal of the Week: A fantastic facial for less; Plus, this week's Sale Listings.

I Need a Chic Wig Alternative

Since she went through a tough medical treatment, my mom’s had really thin hair, and it’s got her moping behind closed doors. She’s too proud and fashion-conscious for a wig—is there a stylist who can whip something else up?


Intelligencer Column

Paris Hilton's lasest X-rated moves. Plus, the dish on the Golden Globes.

Spice Marketer

Lois Freedman, Jean-Georges’s right-hand woman, gets ready to launch two much-anticipated restaurants—at the same time.

Doctors in the House

You're sick. Who would you see, Howard or Judy?

Huh? It's Not Du-frez-nee?

Hard-to-pronounce New York names made easy.

Cashing In on Kerry

“I’m a slave to his success.” Filmmakers and writers root for their man.

We're Not In Hope, Arkansas, Anymore

Castro, decency, Elvis, and “soul-light magic”: Which Democratic candidate remembers what?

Penthouse Work

Students strip down to their essentials.

Murder, He Wrote

Bill Keller’s frank words about the Book Review perturb—and peeve—publishers.


This Media Life

Martha as victim: woman alone, with no one to depend on but herself; Martha as insider: using her power to make everything (even her profits) perfect. Martha as Dreyfus—it’s her craziest salad yet.


The Stansbury rooftop shooting is a tragedy. But Ray Kelly kept it from being a citywide racial disaster.

Naked City

Observing the mating rituals of the middle-aged



Bertolucci’s latest is a love letter to sex, cinema, and revolution—i.e., Paris in the sixties; in Osama, one girl represents all Afghan women with nothing to live for


Shedding new light on familiar studies by Chuck Close, Andy Warhol, and other moderns

Classical Music

The London Symphony brings Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimes blissfully to life


Sundance reprises Robert Altman’s brilliant campaign serial, Tanner ’88


Broadway baby Susan Stroman stumbles at the ballet


Sampling the kangaroo (and other Australasian edibles) at Public

The Week

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

From booking to cooking: Ken Friedman lives the dream of so many New Yorkers, chucking his music-executive career to open a West Village restaurant.

New on DVD

This week's releases: Lost in Translation, American Splendor, and more.

Top 5

Must-See Events for Black History Month

Discoveries to make during Black History Month.

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