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February 23, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

Fear of Fat

No kid likes being fat. But for overweight youngsters in this thinnest (and vainest) of cities, the scrutiny can be particularly fierce. And now, with childhood obesity in the news, fat-phobic New York parents are trying on their children—even toddlers—the same trendy diets, workout sessions, and pricey nutritionists that worked for them. They’re battling schools over carbs in the cafeteria, doctors over how much baby fat is healthy, and those most intractable of diet-busters: genes.


End of the Road Show

John Kerry looked like he was ready for Mount Rushmore. But it took Dean’s challenge to teach him to talk that way, too. By Chris Smith. More charming than Kerry, glibber than Clark, better morals than Bubba. Edwards is the candidate with everything—except enough delegates. By Meryl Gordon. The last days of the Dean dream. By Lisa DePaulo. New York City had a passionate fling with a general. But in the cold gray dawn of primary season, his stars didn’t glitter as brightly. By Steve Fishman.


Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on John Simon's review of Aunt Dan and Lemon.

Smart City

Best of New York

Reap the benefits of yoga with John Wehr’s Thai massage

Best Bets

We see you in yellow—from Façonnable boxers, to electro earrings, to a Chanel patent- leather clutch

Shop Talk

A Japanese home store with a sense of play.

Test Drive

Searching for the city’s best salmon to blissify your bagel

Sales & Bargains

Deal of the Week: Evolution’s cowhide rug

Plus, sales at Intermix, Selima Optique, and Calvin Klein

Ask New York

Where can I find a trustworthy handyman?


Intelligencer Column

Lizzie Grubman's next Hamptons move. Plus, Rick Solomon on the new and improved Paris Hilton sex tape.

Mating Game

If Kerry wins the nomination, who should be his running mate?

Bible Studies

Shmuley Boteach on Mel Gibson’s controversial Passion—and who killed Jesus.


When did 7th on Sixth become the Serengeti? Since leopard became the "It" fur.

Fur Trade

Huge hats jump from front row to runway.

Gait Check

Runway coach J. Alexander rates the season’s struts. (The Belgian girls get their walking papers.)


This Media Life

Martha as McCarthy victim: Why haven’t her rich peers stepped up to the plate?

The Download

After six years of Sex and the City, the country is up in arms over a ripped bodice. What gives?


Why more licensing isn’t what the nightlife industry needs to fight noise or violence in (and around) clubs

Naked City

Women aren’t the only ones who sometimes fake it

Ridge and Tunnel

Park Slope exiles are eyeing the land of Tony Manero.



The Big Animal busts its hump for a smart Polish joke


Rudnick’s Valhalla misses its mark, if not its punch lines

Pop Music

Norah Jones’s sophomore disc is another warm bath


Lawrence Goldhuber kicks narcissism up a notch

TV Notes

John Leonard reviews Crash of Flight 111, Until the Violence Stops, A Place of Our Own and more.

Classical Music

Tracking Weill’s theater music and Charpentier’s operas

Underground Gourmet

Heady Cajun-Creole fare at stripped-down Natchez

The Week

New on DVD

This week's releases: Runaway Jury, Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator and more

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Per Se and Masa: Two of the most anticipated restaurants of the year open this week at the it’s-not-a-mall Time Warner Center. (Are these, therefore, not the food court?)

Saint Booze

After saving himself from alcohol, Bill Wilson founded AA and saved millions of others. But Susan Cheever forgives him his other addictions.

Top Five

"No Wave" Rockers

The invasion of knobs and drums begins.

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