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March 15, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

Martha and Friends

The Martha Stewart trial brought into focus the nuances of relationships in New York in our time. Kurt Andersen views the case as a serial saga of friendships, betrayals, and conflicted loyalties worthy of a nineteenth-century novel.
Inside Peter Bacanovic’s private circle
Douglas Faneuil: The Boy-Next-Door With A Dagger
Martha As Heroine Manqué
The Less-Than-Supporting Characters


(Fat) Burning Question

For most of his life, Dr. Robert Atkins was a renegade, fighting endless battles with the medical Establishment over his notorious low-carb diet. Then, just months after the world came around to his point of view, he was dead—and the fighting really began. It’s a holy war, pitting food ascetics against libertines. And his grieving wife, Veronica, has put $50 million into a foundation to prove he was right.

Buying a Used Ford

Many of the dresses and shoes and handbags Tom Ford sent down the runway for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent in the past ten years were instant classics. But are they collectible (read: good investments) now that he’s stepped away?

Whoa, Nellie

Harlem chanteuse Nellie McKay lives in a hyperactive, highly personalized world of long-gone divas, left-wing politics, and wide-eyed schoolgirl crushes—and now, one of the hottest records of the season.


Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on parental anxiety over childhood obesity.

Smart City

Best Bets

Bally sneakers, the Dalmatian handbag, and a MetroCard holder by Hermès.

Sales & Bargains

Deal of the Week: High-heeled flip-flops from Target.

Plus: This week's sale listings.

Ask NY

How can I get a customized handbag?

Test Drive

Six stellar iPod alternatives.


Intelligencer Gossip

Richards & Jagger: The Next Generation...Curb His Enthusiasm...Vanity Un-Fair

Closing Times

The demise of favorite restaurants leaves us hurt and nostalgic. But is it our fault?

Mobster Manqué

Veteran Robert Loggia alights in Soprano-land.

Gawker's Stalker

Can Jason Calacanis challenge Nick Denton’s blog kingdom? Either way, he’ll pay for it.

Gold Rush

Louis Vuitton’s new pump sold out in a matter of days (and it’s virtually knockoff-proof).

The Three Faces of Martha

As her trial progressed, so did Martha’s mug.

Big Question

Neil Simon’s press agent gave him a kidney. What would you do for your boss?

Shop Talk

We’ve got a yen for these cheap, chic wares.

Workout Partners

"We're very anti-brand," insists Lavinia Errico. Hard to believe, since she and brothers Danny (left) and Vito are the trio behind Equinox, a brand so successful they sold it three years ago for $180 million.


The Bottom Line

How did market analysts fail to foresee AT&T Wireless’s ascent? Blame Eliot Spitzer.

The State Politic

Last week, Jason West became the Marrying Mayor—and landed a political career.

Help Desk

Backseat machismo, romantic roommates, and the skinny on “no gift” birthdays.



Always pushing the envelope, David Mamet takes the political thriller to a scarier level; Hidalgo is a Seabiscuit mirage.


Christopher Plummer’s Lear leaves the viewer howling, but Bug is a riveting—and sexy—new drama.

Classical Music

Adrianne Pieczonka and Cecilia Bartoli make us beg for more.


Auteurs keep reinventing Dangerous Liaisons; Century City takes L.A. law into the future.


In the Hamburg Ballet’s Nijinsky, clothes make the icon.


David Burke’s dramatic return to the culinary stage.

The Week

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Gael Greene indulges in Masa Takayama’s extravagant omakase.

Top 5 Favorite Fried Desserts

What are the hottest restaurants serving for dessert these days? Doughnuts and fritters fresh out of the fryer.

New on DVD

Schindler's List, Croupier, The Raquel Welch Collection, Mona Lisa Smile and Ingmar Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage are all new on DVD.

Top 5 New Children's Books

Don’t abandon the bookstores just because outdoor season is coming

Top 5 New Film Festivals

New fests, from the French to the just plain weird, for March 2004.

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