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May 17, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

What Are They Fighting For?

The protests at the Republican convention promise to be some of the most spectacular counterculture events since the sixties, with a whole new arsenal of activist weapons and a professionalized class of organizers. Great theater, absolutely. Effective politics? That’s another question.


How to Care for An Angry Mob

250,000 protesters in the streets? No problem, says the NYPD. Terrorists? Now, that’s something to worry about.

Fashion Photographer Seeks Models/Celebrities for a Little Rough Play

Steven Klein puts Brad Pitt in a straitjacket and bloodies Justin Timberlake’s nose. But the fashion world likes him because he’s figured out a way to be both transgressive and commercially viable.

Extreme Eating

Ducks’ tongues, corn smut, goats’ heads—some call these things disgusting. New York restaurants, increasingly, call them delicacies. A culinary adventure tale.
Plus, the critics pick their favorite odd eats.


Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on The Restaurant feud, Andrea Peyser's sharp tongue, subletting and more.

Smart City

My Small Problem

The waistland: In a supersize world, the small guys finish last

Best Bets

Sony speakers, Diesel watches, and more—all in brilliant blue


Fabulous buffalo-horn frames, made by hand.

Ask New York

Some New York–savvy friends are visiting this spring, and I’m trying to think of new things to do. They’ve already tried the Circle Line. Are there any other ways to spend a day on the water?

New York Shops

With cool details like drawstrings, pleats, pinstripes, and lobsters, these men’s khakis work for casual Friday or a night on the town.

Sales & Bargains

A tie-dye dress from H&M

Plus: This week's sale listings


Intelligencer Gossip

Woody Allen, Barry Volpert, Arthur Miller, Stephen King, David Granger, Tom Colicchio, Jeff Klein, Ann Richards and more.

Come Together

Mark Jacobson on how rock’s latest unholy alliance—Sean Lennon and Elizabeth Jagger—has reopened the old Beatles–Rolling Stones divide.

Focus Factor

Adderall is the new recreational Ritalin. But is it safe?

Stock-Market Clash

Henry Blodget on the simultaneous rise (Google) and fall (Frank Quattrone) of Internet investing.

In the Cut

A new smut-splicing DVD player may create plot holes.

Listening Station

OutKast? “Innocuous.” Justin Timberlake? “Sort of outstanding.” Outsider musicians Stephin Merritt and Sufjan Stevens survey the world of mainstream pop.

Big Question

Al Gore just bought a cable network to start a youth news channel. If you had your own network, what would you put on it?

The City Politic

Will Bloomberg end up taking the heat for the closing of our beaches this summer?

The Help Desk

Changing your routine to avoid the ex, his wife refuses to get a cell phone and what to do with a ballooning boyfriend.


Restoring Alexander Hamilton and New York’s place in America’s creation story


Wolfgang Petersen’s Troy—an epic tale at war with itself


Caroline, or Change grows smaller the second time around


Technique and mystique in a Lucian Freud exhibit


The New York Botanical Garden gets a brilliant makeover

Classical Music

A masterful Mirandolina; Dvorák’s Rusalka returns to the Met


PBS looks at ruins, contemporary and historic; Disney does A Wrinkle in Time


Mas brings a tasteful touch of Provence to the Village

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Restaurant openings this week include: Westville East, Soho Cantina, Neptune Room, Aqua, Bettola, Jabz Joint and Mix It. Plus, Gael knows where the foodies feast in Paris.

New on DVD

New on DVD this week: The Fog of War, In America, The Jetsons: The Complete First Season, Love! Valour! Compassion! and more.

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