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September 2, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

Speech Therapy

Speech Write your Own acceptance speech! (8 easy steps)

George and the Jungle

The Republicans are Leaving New Yorkers with Unexpected Emotion: Envy.


There were more than 1,000 arrests Tuesday, the day of civil disobedience staged by the anarchist group A31 Action Coalition and others. And the activity could be monitored by cell phone thanks to, the free service activists used to communicate with each other during the action. A sampling of the reports:

Meet the Press

How Hustler Is covering the convention

This Balloonist Won’t Blow It

Precision Balloon-dropping

The RNC Ticker

How many people were actually arrested? The convention by the numbers.

Pho Viet Huong

If you’re in the mood for something authentic from Vietnam—especially after all of the phony baloney from Vietnam that a certain somebody has been serving up every chance he gets.

Intelligencer Gossip

Politicing at Ben Bradlee's Birthday Party, Brokaw Tries To Score Bush-Kerry Debate, Alec Baldwin Keeps Quiet, and the Bush Camp Plays Hardball.

Talking Points

Where’s Britney?! (Arnold shouldn't have to be the only star)

The Big Question

If Bush's presidency ended today, what would his legacy be?

The Lineup
Who's speaking at the convention and what's at stake?

Last night's big events caught on camera

The Datebook
Al Franken's obsessive hygiene

Playing the Odds
Will Teresa Heinz Kerry lose her temper during one of the debates? Will George W. Bush utter the term "evildoers" before November 2?

Vox Pop
Have you had it with this convention business yet?

Ask Ed
Are there any play on Broadway not about Jews or gays?

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