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October 4, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

Pop. Snort. Parachute.

Just as Xanax, Zoloft, and Adderall have become as ubiquitous in the New York teen lexicon as iPod and Nokia, new studies are raising fears about how some antidepressants might encourage suicidal tendencies. But the real issue isn’t whether teens should be on these drugs. Many already are, and they’re getting them not just from their doctors but from their parents, their peers—and drug dealers. Inside the pill-popping culture, where the line between medication and recreation is quickly disappearing.


Little, Better, Yellow, Different In Gumbo America

As advertising faces its latest crisis, BBDO’s new creative director, David Lubars, is preaching against shilling in an agency that made its name with “Ring Around the Collar,” celebrities, and Super Bowl ads.

Secrets of the Deli Trade

Beaten down by the tyranny of inspections and low profit margins, one owner gets out of the business—while another thrives by catering to the boho bourgeoisie. Plus, ten delis worth going out of your way for.

Hitting the Expiration Date

An atypical deli owner faces the typical industry struggles—bellmarked Doritos, the DEA—and decides he wants out.

Cornering the Corner Market

Grace Dancyger introduced branding to the Korean deli—and ended up with an East Village empire.

Detour Delis

Ten worth going out of your way for.


The tale of a Bronx man enjoying a day off, an oral surgeon on his lunch break, a promising singer-songwriter running an errand, and the illegal U-turn at 34th and Park that brought their lives into tragic collision

Drawing Cards

Animated features get moving.


Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on 9/11's environmental implications, Don Hewitt, Ray Kelly and more.

Smart City

The Priceless Payoff

The art of the cash-free bribe

Best Bets

Plus, Kate Spade's Hedy Sandal, Arai's on- and off-road helmut, Richart's silver-coated chocolate and more.

Shop Talk

Tenthousandthings’ low-key jewelry moves to the loud and proud meatpacking district.

Sales & Bargains

J Crew wedding dress

Plus: sales at Jheri Richards, The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show, Marika Hahn Design, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store, Psyche's Tears, Alvin Valley, and The New York Vintage Fashion & Antique Textile Show & Sale.


Intelligencer Gossip

Plus, Cheney in demand, Homeless bumped for hotel, Condos replace Widsor Hotel

Invisible Wires

Cell-phone antennas take Manhattan

Playing by Ear

Beethoven’s hearing loss resonates with this similarly affected—and talented—pianist.

Undressing for Kerry

Recipe List

Jean-Georges’s wedding wish list

Ground Zero in 288 Pages

Daniel Libeskind’s cranky memoir

Fit to Be Tied

Williamsburgers were thrilled to sign up for a cheap gym. Until it failed to open.


The Bottom Line

Forget Wal-Mart. The real bargains are stocks like Coach and Whole Foods that cater to the ric

Test Drive

Deep conditioning for fried summer hair



Fourteen years after his death, Leonard Bernstein’s comeback reminds us that it’s his charisma, more than his music, that we miss most.


David O. Russell’s I Love Huckabees cares more about its own cleverness than about the audience


An all-male bloodfest hacks up Shakespeare; Tina Howe’s Ionesco finds itself lost in translation.


Atsuko Tanaka’s Electric Dress.


Nova’s mini-series Origins is a CSI: Earth for the PBS set; Desperate Housewives is a campy delight

Pop Music

The new Interpol album isn’t derivative, just emotionally cool


Super-porky ramen by way of Carolina

The Week

New on DVD

Movies new on DVD this week include: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Ramones Raw, The Alamo, Broken Lizard's Club Dread, Envy, Super Size Me, Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time, Nothing But a Man.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Opening this week: Devi, EN Japanese Brasserie, Bar Tonno, Citron, Serafina Broadway, and The View. Plus, Gael Greene find the old and the new at La Grenouille and San Domenico NY serves brunch, Italian style.

Top Five Films At the New York Film Festival

The films that rocked Cannes arrive Stateside at the New York Film Festival.

Drawing Cards

Animated features get moving.

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