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October 11, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

How Harvey Weinstein Survived His Midlife Crisis (For Now)

An epic battle between the Miramax mogul and Disney chief Michael Eisner came very close to separating Harvey from Miramax; Harvey from his brother, Bob; and Miramax from its existence as we know it. Harvey and his wife have separated, he didn’t get to reap the full financial triumph of Fahrenheit 9/11, and Eisner’s own troubles may have only postponed the inevitable. Still, there’s good news: He’s finally got that anger thing licked.


When Pets Attack

Cops may be everywhere these days, but when a former vet tech found her Border collie near death, ripped apart by vicious dogs living in a junkyard near her Manhattan apartment, the NYPD (and Animal Control, and the ASPCA, and the Department of Health . . . ) just told her they can’t do anything about “dog-on-dog” crime. A tale of a pack of canines—and one canine owner—gone wild.

Fall Design Special

When Your Client Is Yourself

How professional tastemakers solve problems in their own homes

Design Scientist

Every time Murray Moss gets a new object at his store, he takes it home to spend time with it, in his socks, with the music on, for testing purposes. But even this exacting expert has learned to live with—in fact, embrace—a tacky TV.

The Scavenger

Decorator Elaine Griffin on thrift-store finds in Harlem—and that terrible night her bedroom was orange

A Museum Of Her Own

Art-world impresario Yvonne Force Villareal transforms her loft into a gallery with the help of Alex Katz, Matthew Barney, and Pierre Cardin.

His Piano, Her Apartment

Architect Rafael Viñoly leaves (almost) all the decisions in the hands of his designer wife, Diana

The Rivington Saga

After four tangled years, developer Paul Stallings’s new avant-garde Lower East Side hotel—complete with a pied-à-terre for his family of eight—is finally about to open. How do you live in a building whose entrance looks like fused eggs?


Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on body-conscious mothers-to-be.

Smart City

Brooklyn Gothic

In Williamsburg, handcrafted furniture for goths with cash

Best Bets

LIKEaBIKE's walking bike, Emporio Armani's chocolate suede wedges, Glenlivet's single-malt Scotch and more.

New York Shops

From messengers to top handles, sumptuously soft fur is all over this fall’s bags.

Shop Talk

Brit lingerie store Myla’s sexy creations are finally available Stateside.

Sales & Bargains

Cashmere Sweater Sale

Plus: sales at Mini Mini Market, Broadway Panhandler, New Frontier, Grange, Lalique, Buccellati, Completely Bare, and Lale


Intelligencer Gossip

Plus, Leo moving in?

Joke Prez

Conan cements the New York comedy monopoly

Tribal Chieftain

Philippe Starck on pleasing his “tribe”

Wartime Record

Giuliani’s draft status

Tabloid Fodder

The real life of Portman’s “mystery hunk.”

Metal Detectors

How prog rockers Marillion broke the story of Cat Stevens’s detention.

Building Blocs

Bill Lynch’s plan to secure core voters.

Big In Japan

Will shochu become the city’s new sake?


The National Interest

Why is Kerry still struggling in the Midwest? Because, in an amazing reversal, Establishment Democrats embraced the elites, allowing the Republicans to make the astonishing but credible claim that they are the working-class party.


Dante declared it unfit for wild beasts, but La Maremma is shaping up to be il primo destino of Tuscany’s wine region

Naked City

The rise of female commitmentphobia

The Game

The Yankees–Red Sox rivalry has grown uglier for one reason: Both teams have a first-rate collection of jerks.



Robert Altman’s Tanner on Tanner sends up political documentaries, while Alexandra Pelosi’s Diary of a Political Tourist gives in to the genre’s worst impulses.


In Stage Beauty, Billy Crudup is a ravishing Restoration actor in Desdemona drag, wildly successful until the law clamps down on his masquerade.


Hoary whores in The Oldest Profession; tangled relationships in String of Pearls


The Chelsea Barneys emporium is reincarnated as a temple to Himalayan art.

Classical Music

At the Met, Ben Heppner plays Verdi’s Otello too nice, while the Philharmonic’s opening night just plays it safe


August on Bleecker Street is noisy, cramped, and won’t take reservations, which only makes the incredible food all the more infuriating

The Week

New on DVD

Movies new on DVD this week include: Saved, Born Rich, The Five Obstructions, Tanner '88, The War Room, Aladdin, and Fahrenheit 9/11.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Opening this week: Little Giant, Bonmarche, C, Nolita House, Sachi's On Clinton, Silverleaf Tavern, Almondine, Alfanoose, Hedeh. Plus, Gael Greene's Greek fantasy and Il Buco's pork-lover's treat.

Friday Night Film

Jimmy Fallon rolls onto the big screen in Queen Latifah’s Taxi.

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