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November 1, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

Rudy, We Hardly Know You Anymore

Rudy Giuliani has been stumping for Bush all over the country, trading his heroic 9/11 reputation for cold, hard votes. With his sights set on 2008, the former mayor seems intent on proving his conservative bona fides, even if it means sounding less and less like a real New Yorker every day.


Condo Couture

Apartments in that undulating new tower on Astor Place come with a hot designer label (Charles Gwathmey!) and a spiffy price tag (starting at $3 million!). Will they be as coveted as the Richard Meiers? What about the Frank Gehrys that are on the way? The start of a new status war.

The Assassination of a Dream

Paul Klebnikov was a New York journalist fixated on curing the troubles of Russia, the land of his ancestors. All that came to end on a Moscow street last summer.


Best Bet

The freshest soy in town, plus . . .


Surviving Halloween

The Look Book

Donald Abrams, from the Big B—the Bronx

Market Research

Wellies, compared

The Everything Guide to Chocolate

Chocolate. Why we crave it and where to get your fix.

Real Estate

Brokers race for the Biggest Sale Ever


Skin versus radiator, the epic winter battle


Amy Sohn on double dating

Shop News

Store openings this week

Ask a Shop Clerk

Nikki Meistrell, La Petite Coquette

The Best Seller

Pucci silk scarf, $65-$240

Plus, sales & bargains

The Restaurant Review

Adam Platt on Pace, more barn than bistro

In Season

Brussels sprouts turn sexy

Skewered Samples

Meat etc. on a stick

Ask Gael

I want a little dinner. A great little dinner. Where to?

In Print

Marcella champions pure Italian simplicity.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of Oct. 25, 2004: Bottega del Vino, Abboccato, and Sapa. Plus, Shake Shack's pie a la mode and Joe's cafe delivery.


Intelligencer Gossip

Plus, Marla's little red string, Weinstein's Broadway dreams, Rangel's religious problem, and the Soros family vies for power.

Switch Hitters

Could you root for the Red Sox? A post-playoff poll

Yellow Fever

Ikea invades Brooklyn

The Panhandler

David Boies on Florida 2004

Who Ruffled Wintour’s Fur?

Last week, Condé Nast settled (for $2.21 million) with Anna Wintour’s former nanny.

Hot Wheels

A radical campaign burns up city streets.

Out of Towners

New Yorkers invade Ohio

What New Yorkers Can Still Do to Influence the Election


The Bottom Line

Think Merck can survive the Vioxx scandal? Think again.

The National Interest

Why “likability” is never a good reason to elect a president

Culture Pages

Phase Two

We’re back with the introduction of another new section, which we’re calling “The Culture Pages.”

You Can’t Be Serious!

Jon Stewart criticizes the media from the privileged standpoint of comedy—which puts him in a bind

Movie Review

Jamie Foxx’s indelible star turn in the sudsy biopic Ray

Waking Up Samantha Morton

Q&A with the star of Enduring Love

Why is Nicole Kidman so Hard to Love?

With career choices this bold and admirably diverse. . .

Ask a Theater Manager

Keith Cowling, Landmark Sunshine Cinema

Theater Review

Brooklyn: a pop musical to feel old by.

Long Story Short

How ‘Law & Order’ became ‘Twelve Angry Men.

Dirty Tricks

Watergate whistle-blower Martha “Mouth of the South” Mitchell, wife of Nixon attorney general John Mitchell, is the subject Dirty Tricks.


Q&A with August Wilson, playwright.

Television Review

A new look at Dr. Seuss and his fiercely liberal politics.


Norman Mailer appears on the Gilmore Girls

How to Fix CSI: NY

Three easy steps.

Book Review

The campaign diary that is at heart the memoir of a damaged soul

Mini Book Reviews

The Courage Consort and Runaway.

Blast Back

Kitty Kelly defends her book about the Bushes, The Family

The Finalists

Yes, the five finalists in fiction for the National Book Awards seem a little obscure this year.

Art Review

“Comic Grotesque” offers biting social commentary

Tera Partick

Photographed in XXX: 30 Porn-Star Portraits, by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders


Who bought Yael Kanarek' s Spin_Lock?

Satisfaction Guaranteed?

Christie’s goes big; Sotheby’s, even bigger.

Warhol Riot v. Warhol Crash

Are we running out of Andy Warhols?

Popular Music Review

Pavement slouches into history.

Morrissey, Teen Chic

Great pop is made by fans, and there is perhaps no greater fan than Morrissey.

Classical Music Review

James Levine, admirable but emotionally impenetrable

Pamela Z

Pamela Z, the Bay Area experimental singer, performs her opera Voci.

New on DVD


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