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November 22, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

Get Richest Quickest

Investment banking is fine if you can live with a seven-figure income. Those who really want to rule Wall Street play the megarisk, megareturn game of hedge funds. And while bankers with a healthy dose of Schadenfreude have predicted the end of an era, the money just keeps flooding in.


The phenomenal success of safe-sex campaigns, combined with the Internet’s endless store of frightening STD data, has produced a paranoid subculture that’s rediscovering celibacy.

Hell House Revisited

When police found a 45-pound Bruce Jackson scavenging for food outside his neighbor’s home in New Jersey, they thought he was 7 years old. He was actually 19. A media firestorm ensued, in which his foster parents were vilified for starving their four adoptive sons. But as the criminal prosecution begins, should it be the Jacksons on trial, or the state’s child-welfare system?


Best Bets

A neon chandelier, plus...

Economy of One

Gloria Vanderbilt spends $4,562.04

The Look Book

Kay Goldberg, Ninth-Grader

Market Research

Wineglasses, from Baroque to Bauhaus

Map No 3: Atlantic Avenue

With Bruce Ratner’s new Atlantic Terminal at one end, C&W bar Floyd at the other, and a mix of antiques, boutiques, and Arabic stores in between, Atlantic Avenue is as good a symbol of Brooklyn’s gentrification—and multiplicity—as any.

Great Rooms

Fernando Sanchez’s 5,000-plus-square-foot apartment

Real Estate

Central Park North’s makeover


Sohn on dating a flake


Fashionable Cape Town

Shop News

Store openings this week

Sales & Bargains: This week's hottest sales & bargains

Ask a Shop Clerk

Robert Rich of Marc Jacobs

The Restaurant Review

Platt on EN Brasserie

In Season

Alien broccoli

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of Nov. 15, 2004: n. 6, Porcupine, Onju, Jones, The Modern, and Peperoncino.

Ask Gael

What in the world is New York cuisine?

Pie Time

A Thanksgiving-pie bake-off

Nouveau Niche

As every oenophile knows, Beaujolais Nouveau is less a serious wine than an excuse for a party. When the new shipment arrives, these places plan to whoop it up, French style, on November 18.

Holiday Helpers

There’s no shame in going out for Thanksgiving dinner this year—even Martha Stewart is taking the day off, after all. All you need to do is decide how much you want to spend.


Intelligencer Gossip

Hillary’s presidential plans . . . Was the Freedom Tower plagiarized? . . . Tina Brown flees a dinner party . . .

The Competition

Create a New York City Theme Restaurant

It Happened Last Week

New York ceased its vain lamentations over the election and returned to the important business of being the nation’s cultural capital.

The Clinton Factor

Gifford Miller’s Clintonite weapon

Reporting for Duty

Who enlists the week U.S. troops invade Fallujah?


The Imperial City

New Yorkers are self-satisfied, politically homogeneous traitors to their economic interests—just like red-staters.

The Culture Pages

Up, Up, and Away

Rufus Wainwright busts out of his emotional straitjacket and into greatness.

Movie Review

Pedro Almodóvar’s Bad Education


Woody Harrelson and Morgan Spurlock talk about fast food.


The One Last Score Movie

Theater Review

The overrated Foreigner

Five by Tenn Reviewed

Not all of Tennessee Williams’s unpublished or forgotten playlets deserve staging. Five by Tenn comprises four of the former and one of the latter.

Sailor’s Song Danny and the Deep Blue Sea Reviewed

Purely by kismet, John Patrick Shanley has three shows up this month, two of which have just opened.

People Are Wrong! Reviewed

A show with kooky charm.

Eve Ensler Should Be My Hero.

Heretical thinking about Eve Ensler


What the audience really thought about Brooke Shields in ‘Wonderful Town’

Book Review

The dark new V. S. Naipaul novel

Blast Back

Toni Bentley defends her erotic memoir

Television Review

The West Wing’s rediscovered liberalism

Waking the Dead Reviewed

The female forensic scientists don’t show up in the lab with necklines that plunge to their miniskirts.

The Wool Cap Reviewed

Before you dismiss it as another weepie in the TV social-worker mode, look around you at the antisocial world.

Is Wal-Mart Good for America? Reviewed

You may be struck by how closely global capitalism resembles a pomo novel and a clandestine intelligence operation.


An interview with Michael Richards about the new Seinfeld DVD.

Q&A with William H. Macy

The actor discusses his influences.

Pop Music Review

Elliott Smith’s swan song

Art Review

The revivified MoMA


Lisa Yuskavage And Tamara Jenkins are obsessed with adolescence.

A Controversy Over ‘Empire’

At eight hours, Andy Warhol’s 1964 film Empire is something that one watches, as its creator said, “to see time go by.”

How to Fix P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center

A four step solution

The Week

New on DVD


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