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December 6, 2004 Issue

Cover Story

Reasons They Haven’t Hit Us Again

Every New Yorker knows how easily a terrorist could strike the city. So why hasn’t it happened since 9/11? A review of the most compelling theories.


Anatomy Of a Foiled Plot

How the NYPD infiltrated a ring of homegrown terrorists and prevented a subway bombing.

Camp Jihad

To stop a terrorist, you can start by learning how to dress like one, shoot like one, and think like one.

Who Loves Huckapoo?

A Lehman Brothers analyst turned would-be Svengali has visions of a girl-group juggernaut he calls Huckapoo. Cast from local high schools to play scripted roles (the preppy, the punk, etc.), they’re a cross between Spice Girls and the Village People.

One Brief, Scuzzy Moment

Prepare for a great blitz of East Village nostalgia and mythmaking when the New Museum show on the neighborhood’s art renaissance opens next month. But a survivor of the scene remembers a time and place far seedier and chaotic than any museum show could capture.


Best Bets

A popular Indonesian ginger candy makes its New York–deli debut. Plus, a limited-edition Ryan McGuinness T-shirt


The art of canceling.

The Look Book

Starring a be-Afroed Japanese FIT student

Market Research

A shampoo review

The Everything Guide to: Holiday Parties

Including a champagne taste test and hangover cures


Straight men having gay trysts

Real Estate

The Plaza and the St. Regis go condo

Shop news

Store openings this week

Sales & Bargains: This week's hottest sales & bargains

Ask a Shop Clerk

Gene King of Karen’s for People + Pets

The Restaurant Review

Gray Kunz’s triumphant return, in the Time Warner mall

In Season

This festively seasonal recipe for autumn spice scallops should whet your appetite.

Ask Gael

Is There a Dining Imperative On Your List?

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of Nov. 29, 2004: Bouillabaisse 126, Restaurant 343, VietCafé, and seven other openings. Plus, the bottomless glass of wine and upstate barbecue comes to town.


Spaghetti alla carbonara is Rome’s most popular pasta dish, and judging by its recent preponderance on local menus—Italian and otherwise—it may be New York’s, too.

Get Spruced Up

If you’re daring (or foolhardy) enough to brave the gawkers and visit the Rockefeller Center tree, you’ll need to refuel soon after.

Fireside Chomps

The next best thing to cooking over an open flame is dining next to one.


Intelligencer Gossip

Not made in Japan: MoMA architect’s misgivings and more.

It Happened Last Week

The city’s nerve endings were a-tingle as it entered the mad whirl of gaiety that commences with Thanksgiving and ends in the wee hours of New Year’s Day.

The Outer-Borough Crusader

Stop ticketing all those businesses in Queens! Anthony Weiner gets ready to take on Mike Bloomberg (whom he compares to Ricardo Montalban) for mayor.

Heard on the Street

Bike messengers’ weirdest deliveries

PMK Publicist Putsch

Intra-publicist warfare at PMK

Shrinking Olympic Village

New York’s first bid for the 2012 Games featured cool ferries and a cluster of high-rises. So, where did they go?

Blue-Light Specialist

Eddie Lampert on the Kmart-Sears goliath



Bloomberg could win his battle for the West Side stadium much quicker than you thought.

The Culture Pages

Don’t You Forget About Me

Molly Ringwald’s New York life is equal parts obscurity and fame.

Movie Review

Julia Roberts is the best of a stellar cast in Closer


An interview with groundbreaking martial-arts director Zhang Yimou.

Act, Rinse, Repeat: The Meaning of Orange Hair

The bright locks' meaning in five feature films.

Book Review

Marilynne Robinson’s artful tale of piety may take Christian literature too far

Case Histories Reviewed

Three unrelated murder cases come under the scrutiny of a private investigator, whose quirks are only slightly less predictable than his canniest pensées.

Measuring The National Book Awards On The Gala-Meter

The National Book Awards, Vibe Awards, and Academy Awards fashion, controversy, and vibe compared.

Gotham Scribes

Q&A with Pete Hamill and Tama Janowitz

Theater Review

John Patrick Shanley’s superbly written Doubt.

Whoppi Reviewed

Times have changed, but Whoopi Goldberg becomes more and more herself every year.

Dame Edna: Back With a Vengeance! Reviewed

Some comics transcend their material; Barry Humphries, a.k.a. Dame Edna, is one such.

A Second Hand Memory Reviewed

In Woody Allen’s latest theatrical foray, a fifties Brooklyn family squabbles over obligation, money, and the incompatibility of love and marriage.


Michael Frayn reveals what shaped him.

Television Review

The Freudian weirdness of Malcolm in the Middle.

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers Reviewed

Geoffrey Rush, part penguin, part pratfall, a windmill with an identity crisis, is an inspired choice to play Sellers.

Anonymous Rex Reviewed

Nothing becomes a Baldwin more than slumming.


Q&A with Eric Anderson, The Professor on The Real Gilligan's Island

Classical Music Review

The Met’s strong new Wagner

Robot Master

Eric Singer discusses his musical robots.

The Week

New on DVD


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