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March 7, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

Los Mets

New Mets G.M. Omar Minaya snatched two of the game’s biggest Latino stars away from the big spenders in Boston and the Bronx, setting off Mets hysteria in Queens—and the Dominican Republic. The next step? Winning.


She Can't Be Bought

Waiting lists have long been part of the high-end art-collection game. But when Jean-Pierre Lehmann wasn’t able to buy the pieces he wanted by rising star Julie Mehretu, he sued. A look at what happens when millionaires can’t get what they want.

Artists on the Verge of a Breakthrough

The ten art stars most likely to break out at this month’s “Greater New York” show.

Where the Scenes Are

Where to find Greater New York’s artists.

Lizzie Grubman’s Star Vehicle

In the summer of 2001, PR queen Lizzie Grubman’s reputation was about as bad as it could get. But she’s back to guarding—and sometimes strolling—the red carpets and hoping a new reality show will erase memories of “the accident” for good.


Big-Boxed Out

Richard Lipsky, the man who defeated Wal-Mart.

Trainers Take on the King of Tonga

Can they slim down the island?

iBust on Prince Street

Police crack down on satirical baby clothes.


50 Cent, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and more.

It Happened Last Week

Although outwardly uneventful, it was a week in which New York was tested in ways both subtle and obvious, trivial and serious.

More Than One Way to Kill a Cat

Kinder, gentler euthanasia at the city pound.

Dumbo’s Bright Elephant

A young architect builds an improbable answer to the Empire State Building.

Bloomberg's Triathalon

The mayor's attempts to make New York "the world's second home."


The National Interest

Conservative activists think they can pack the courts by eliminating the filibuster. They may underestimate the stubbornness of the Senate.


Best Bets

The ultimate CD player, plus featherweight sweaters and Four Seasons dishware.

The Economy of One

Celebrity stylist Sally Hershberger spends a hypothetical $2 million.

Market Research

Comparing spring wedges.

Store Openings

Including Fashion/Plate NYC.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Caitlin Condy of Calypso Enfant & Bebe.

The Best Seller

Felix Rey Bag.

Sales & Bargains:
This week's hottest sales & bargains

Great Room

A sleek bedroom designed for maximum ‘bling factor.’

The Restaurant Review

Ama impresses by highlighting one of Italy’s lesser-known regions

In Season

What to do with celery root

Ask Gael

Gael Greene finds a good salad in an unlikely place.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

New this week: Tebaya, Turquoise Grill, and Song. Plus, Pinot tastings and more.

The Latest Food Trend

Serious chefs love Staub cast-iron cookware for its heat-retaining, flavor-enhancing, indestructible practicality.

The Look Book

Three Turkish style mavens.


The asexuality movement.

Real Estate

Glenn Close checks out the buzz in Harlem.


The gringo’s guide to San Miguel de Allende.

Has Beans

Cassoulet, the gut-busting French stew—a harmonic convergence of duck confit, sausage, lamb, and white beans—is one of winter’s few redeeming features. Get yours before the temperature starts to climb.

The Culture Pages

Tennessee Waltz

Jessica Lange threatened never to return to Broadway. Why’s she taking another spin in The Glass Menagerie?

Movie Review

A new Iraq documentary tries to side with the troops but ends up demeaning them.

Long Story Short

The evolution of Vin Diesel.

Book Review

Francine Prose defends her career choices and provocative fiction.

Influences: John Lithgow

The forces that shaped a dirty rotten scoundrel.

Underground Theater: TheAtrainplays

Experimental theater on the subways.

TV Review

Deadwood continues its skillful and vulgar revision of American myth.

New Boss: Steve Carell

The Office comes to NBC.

Classics: "Essential Westerns"

At the Film Forum.

Oprah Winfrey Presents: Their Eyes Were Watching God

Yes, the book was a classic, deserving better than it got in 1937. But being too respectful means embalming.

Sisters of '77

They all sing “We Shall Overcome,” as if they really might have.

Trailer Mix

Our reviews of this week's previews.


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