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May 27, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

Duel at Sunrise

In the world of morning TV, where the right mix of light news and light banter is worth millions, the Today show and its mega-anchor, Katie Couric, were thought to be untouchable. Not anymore. Exploiting the image breakdown of America’s Sweetheart, Good Morning America and its melting Ice Queen have turned breakfast television into a battleground.


The Mystery of Duane Reade

The stores are cluttered, cramped, inscrutably designed, and not exactly full of bargains. So how has the chain turned New Yorkers into helpless addicts of the place?

The Prisoner of Sex

Andrea Dworkin was once the angriest woman on earth, turning her own life inside out as she fought a spectacularly unsuccessful war against pornography and a culture she considered seduced by sexual violence. The story of the most radical feminist of them all.


Intelligencer: May 30–June 6, 2005

Jenna Bush gets a lesson from Bono, Dan Okrent's grumpy farewell, Aretha Franklin shows no respect, and more.

It Happened Last Week

If the week had a moral, it might well have been that the best way of making a good impression is to maintain a demure silence.

Sir Su Doku

England’s most addictive newspaper puzzle hits New York.

Roosterban in Chickenhampton

Late-sleeping summer people do battle with the fowl-loving locals.

The Godfather's Attic

Naughty Tahitian scribblings, notes to Marilyn in the hospital, one large fertility statue: select works from the Brando auction.


Best Bets

Do-it-yourself Pumas, next-generation Scotch tape, and more.

Market Research

Scented candles, from Glade to boutique.

Look Book

A Corcoran broker with “half-modern, half-Jewish grandma” style.


The art of finding a handyman.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Beverley Ruddock of Beretta Gallery.

Sales & Bargains
This week's hottest sales & bargains.

Restaurant Review

Two sources of fast-food Chinese worth the (very short) wait.

In Season

A bluefish recipe from Landmarc.

Ask Gael

Where are all the pretty people?

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of May 30, 2005: Gusto Ristorante e Bar Americano, Taku, Adrienne's Pizza Bar, 202, and IFC Center.

Grape Expectations

Wines worth importing and exporting.

Food Fests

By Hook Or by Cook

If you’re heading to the Red Hook Waterfront Art Festival this weekend, you’ll want to check out the evolving restaurant scene.


A guide to the Wild West of fertility treatment.


This time of year, I can’t bear to be inside on the treadmill or in some basement taking a spinning class. Are there any fun, organized, outdoor fitness options?

Real Estate

Apartments add perks for the young-and-single crowd.

The Culture Pages

Sly Fox

Debi Mazar isn’t a cog in the Hollywood machine, but she plays one.

Movie Review

A teen-girl bonding flick succeeds.

Debut Director: Alice Wu

On her Chinatown lesbian outcast drama/comedy.

Book Review

Nick Hornby’s latest novel is just a forum for his own admittedly compelling musings.

Pop Music Review

The third album from Coldplay may actually deserve all the money it’s going to make.

TV Review

Lisa Kudrow’s comeback vehicle has no shame.

Influences: Richard Russo

Now, you haven’t lived until you’ve watched Zorro in snow. You could only tell who was who by the music, because Zorro, dressed entirely in black, was represented by white snow.

Art Review

Why Monet belongs on postcards, not museum walls.

Classical Music

Philip Glass and his strangely successful collaboration with Godfrey Reggio.


The Imperial City

On Radar magazine and its relationship to a certain one of its forebears.


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