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July 4, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

The Ultimate Guide to Summer

The ultimate guide to looking hot, having fun and beating the heat in New York City this summer. Includes: Tactics for cooling offFaking a tan Civilized alfresco dining spots Bikini shopping survival guide and much more.
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The Summer Issue

Don't Embarass the Kids at Camp

Advice from the mouths of babes.

Sing Along to the Radio

DJs pick the songs of summer.

Keep Your Housemates from Hating You

Don't have sex in the pool. Don't let your dog have sex in the pool.

Start Your Weekend Early

Thursday is the night to roll out.

Flee the City Fast

Where to rent a car for all occasions.

Beautify Your Feet

The Heidi Klum of foot models, Christina Ambers, tells all.

Throw an Insane Party

Slip ’n slide on the roof.

Exploit the Empty Nest

When the kids are away . . .

Dive Like a Swan

A coach shows the perfect form.

Make Your Hoop Dreams Come True

A court for every game.

Distract the Monsters

Kids test new toys.

Blaze Through Your Beach Reading

The perfect potboiler for every literary taste.

Enjoy a Traffic Jam

Listen to the perfect summer mix.

Travel to a Distant Land Without Leaving Town

Pretend you’re in Tuscany.

Scare the Hell Out of the Kids

Take them on the newest, craziest roller coaster.

Catch a Big, Floppy Fish

Battery Park City is the spot for striped bass.

Score the Last Peasant Skirt

Summer fashion that’s still in stores.

Turn Your Bedroom Into an Oasis

Recipe for a perfect night’s sleep.

Show Some Leg

Settling the debate on proper office attire.

Beat Your Friends

Coaches show how to win at every sport.

Grab a Rental

Last-second bargains abound.

Cool Food

The 21 coolest summer food picks in New York City.

Enlighten Yourself on Every Day of the Summer

The only cultural calendar you’ll need.

The Look Book Goes to the Beach

The real boys, girls, and cats of summer, as spotted on Main Beach in the Hamptons and Coney Island.


The Hasids of Southampton

Southampton residents aren’t fond of noise, traffic, or controversy. The town’s new Hasidic center is accused of bringing all three. A tale of Jews, Wasps, and lawyers.

Man-Hunting With the High-School Dream Girls

Teenage boys may be immature, but hooking up with 40-year-olds presents a whole other set of problems.

Totally Hot Fake Couples!

Like Brad, Angelina, Tom, and Katie, every celebrity deserves a career-boosting love affair. We’re here to help.

Four Donkeys on a Trail

As the world’s most hapless mayoral primary lumbers on, the summer will tell who stumbles over the finish line.

50 Blocks at 12 O'Clock (or Die Trying)

Thrilling, lethal, and completely illegal—stunt riding is breeding a new generation of New York City folk heroes.

Green Skies

Creating a lush garden oasis on a smoggy, wind-battered rooftop.

On Your Mark. Get Set. Pig Out.

Four hungry pros plot to eat the Coney Island hot-dog king under the table.

Secrets of the San Man

One woman trailing her own trash finds that you can learn a lot about the city riding shotgun on a garbage truck.


Intelligencer Gossip

Bloggers take on a Goonie, the sixth-day war at the "Journal," Lefty cred crisis over the IFC, and more.

It Happened Last Week

The day after the summer solstice, there was a full moon over New York. Yet this seemingly auspicious sign was preceded by a series of small disasters across the city.

Le Cirque Takeout

Attention, all nineties-nostalgist shoppers: Le Cirque’s futuristic bar to be eBayed.

The 2 Columbus Circle Game

Tom Wolfe on saving the building.

Ed Klein’s Canoodle Kerfuffle

Misleading “mouth-kissing” photo of Bill in Ed Klein’s new Hillary book.

The Culture Pages


In the decade since Michelle Shocked was last seen, she quit drinking, got a divorce, and joined an L.A. gospel choir; now she has three new albums.

Movie Review

The new Bewitched will leave you wondering where Will Ferrell lost his way.

Great Dame: Joan Allen

An interview with the actress.

Theater Review

A Somerset Maugham revival is funny, thoughtful, and relevant; a sharp look at miserable Londoners from the prolific Alan Ayckbourn.

TV Review

ABC’s Roman epic is better written than Gladiator.

"Stella" Reviewed

Not only does the deliriously absurd narrative comedy 'Stella'film in Greenpoint, its creators have clearly been inspired by their lean days working the New York comedy circuit.

Bad Boy: Bobby Brown

The artist on his own enduring popularity.

Art Review

Robert Smithson was an expansive, messy artist in an age of minimalism.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

Waterborne on the Fourth of July

1st Annual Water-Taxi Beach Party.

Pie Town

Forget Naples: New York is the pizza capital of the world. Four new joints worth celebrating.

What 66 Hath Wrought

Chinese food: It’s not just for takeout anymore. A few examples of the new wave.


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