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August 15, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

The Beautiful People

There are Parisian beauties and Brazilian beauties, but any real New Yorker will maintain that his city has the fairest of them all. Still, what makes New York’s brand of beauty unique? A team of the city’s most astute aestheticians (photographers, artists, designers, club owners) were canvassed, professional scouts were dispatched, and somehow, from this folly of an exercise, an answer began to take shape.

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Rebuffed in its first attempt to break into the five boroughs, Wal-Mart will be back with a vengeance. Is that so bad?

Gary Sheffield is the Yankees' MVP.

Over the past year and a half, no Yankee has been more consistently outstanding on the field than Gary Sheffield. Nor has any player more consistently run his mouth off it. But that only makes him the truest Yankee of the bunch.


Intelligencer Gossip

Jeanine Pirro back in action, 50 Cent gets soft, Ian Schrager's China Syndrome, and more.

It Happened Last Week

Our sweltering sidewalks were positively pulllulating with tourists, and for some out-of-towners, the city's ways took a little getting used to.

The Death of a True Believer

A fellow journalist in Iraq remembers Steven Vincent— whose faith in the war was a kind of self-protection.

SAT Beach House

Overdemanding parents, underattentive kids, simmering class rage. It’s a regular working Hamptons holiday for New York’s top tutors.

The Lost Posts

How Rupert’s tabloid might have covered the Murdoch drama, if it could.


Best Bets

CD-saving plastic that’s easy to stick on your collection, the new Chuck Taylors, and more.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Jack Wernke of John Varvatos

Sales & Bargains
This week's hottest sales & bargains.

Restaurant Review

Fort Greene’s Luz successfully revives the Pan-Latino movement.

All-American, With a Twist

Chefs give a master class in putting the heat back in your grill.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of Aug. 8, 2005: Egg, Bann.

Ask Gael

What's new in Nouvelle Chinese?


Can't get a reservation at Peter Luger? Try one of these, opened by former employees.

Man of La Mancha

Suba hosts four visiting Spanish chefs.


The Croatian resort town of Dubrovnik is for Eurotravelers who think Prague is overrun.


If everyone who had an STD actually admitted it, admitting it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Real Estate

In booming Manhattan, more than a dozen new brokers are born each day.

The Culture Pages

Miss Independent

After dumping them in a bid for the Top 40, Liz Phair makes nice with her original fans.

Movie Review

In the new Jarmusch film, Bill Murray plays yet another poignantly tired old man—and does it well, again.


What the Audience Really Thought about 'The Aristocrats.'

Theater Review

A new play from the Five Lesbian Brothers tries harder than it needs to.

A Bluffer's Guide to the Fringe

Your cheat sheet to the hottest genres at this year’s festival, August 12–28.

Fringe Figure: Rick Bland in 'Thick'

Q&A with the actor.

TV Review

Showtime’s pot sitcom Weeds proves a worthy vehicle for Mary-Louise Parker.

Pop Music

The influences of the old Beach Boy Brian Wilson.

Classical Music Review

Can Mostly Mozart overcome its history of pointless gimmicks?

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Imperial City

Does it really make sense to conduct subway checks with scrupulous randomness? Let’s admit the obvious: Racial profiling works.

The Week

The DVD Filter

What's new on DVD this week.


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