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September 26, 2005 Issue

Cover Story

Who Makes How Much

Regis ($20 million) makes three times as much as Kelly. The chief zookeeper outearns the chief of police. Peddling a cab ($40,000) can be more lucrative than driving a cab ($37,000). ABC’s local weatherman makes as much as the president of CBS News. A panhandler can make more than a soldier serving in Iraq. And just about everyone makes more than a Chinese-food deliveryman ($5,200). A report on the numbers on New York’s paychecks.


The Incredibly Bold, Audaciously Cheesy, Jaw-Droppingly Vegasified, Billion-Dollar Glam-Rock Makeover of Coney Island

Developer Joe Sitt has been quietly buying up prime Coney Island acreage with the intention of building a flamboyant cosmopolis that would make Vegas seem tame. And it just might work.

Maria and Mellie Got Lost

How did Maria Pesantez and Mellie Carballo, a pair of 18-year-old college students, wind up dead of overdoses on the Lower East Side? One girl’s family now blames the other.

The Heroin Den Next Door

Eight months in a heroin den located right in the heart of upscale Manhattan.


Intelligencer Gossip

Mort Zuckerman all washed up, bulldozer happy in the Hamptons, what we learned at Fashion Week, and more.

It Happened Last Week

A confluence of major events made for a slightly hectic week, as players from three ordinarily nonintersecting domains crowded the city’s stage.

The Terror Suspect's Advocate

Jose Padilla has been behind bars since 2002. His lawyer can’t wait for him to be charged with something.

Penn State's Big Fashion Week Field Trip

They came, saw, crowd-pleased—and had to get back on a bus by midnight. The story behind Marc Jacobs’s marching band.

Destabilized in Tribeca

Could a landlord’s innovative eviction strategy threaten rent stabilization citywide? Or just a few artist-pioneers with good deals?

Manimal House

Gay New Yorkers are lining up to get hazed. Is frat the new leather?


Best Bets

Aesthetically innovative Dutch dishware, advanced toothbrush technology, and more.

The Look Book

A surplus-shod bouncer.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ak a Shop Clerk

Matt Falcone of ABC Carpet & Home.

Sales & Bargains
This week's hottest sales & bargains.


Holland blows past Sweden as design mecca.

Restaurant Review

The Queen’s Hideaway brings superb home cookin’ to Greenpoint.

In Season

A salad recipe from Frankies Spuntino.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of Sept. 19, 2005: Tangra Asian Fusion Cuisine, Olea. Plus, hot dog freaks and a meatball crisis at Craftbar.

Ask Gael

I'm bored with all those copycat trattorias.

If At First You Don’t Succeed . . .

Two formerly ambitious-for-the-Village restaurants try, try again with new names, new menus, and cheaper tabs.

Top Tenth

With available space and a celebrity chef or two, a restaurant row is born.

Their Cups Runneth Over

Smith & Wollensky's biannual Wine Week uncorks.

Restaurant Relief

Wine, dine, and help the victims of Katrina.

Market Research

Putting the wash of new perfumes to the test.

Real Estate

Developers discover the power of landscaping.

The Culture Pages

Claire Danes Steps Out of the Shadows

And into a Wyeth painting.

Free Radical

As Walter Mosley’s life gets more comfortable, his fiction gets harder-edged and more politically charged.

Kinseyologist: Larry Bortniker

"Just as I was in the middle of writing, a very serious book about Kinsey came out. I read a review and I couldn’t stop laughing. By the time I finished reading, I had seventeen ideas for songs."

Movie Review

A George Clooney–directed Edward R. Murrow biopic is reverent but not hagiographic.


Indie satire or swimsuit model?

The Tip Sheet From Toronto

From gay cowboys to chick lit done right.

Brooklyn Boy: Noah Baumbach

The real achievement of Woody Allen was that he was making movies that felt very peronal. People like me imitated him exactly, rather than taking what was most important and writing stuff that was personal, funny, and dramatic.

Theater Review

A rare revival of Silk Stockings.

Is Tony Kushner Psychic?

More eerie prescience from the playwright.

TV Review

Serial killers and paranormal events dominate the fall lineup.

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan Reviewed

Maybe there's something in that diet of folky pacifism after all.

Book Review

Hugh Nissenson on fictionalizing 9/11.

Art Review

A display of outsider art shows what it really means to be uncontrived.

Classical Music Review

A depressing version of Strauss’s last opera.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The City Politic

If Anthony Weiner really wanted to unite the Democrats, there was no need to withdraw from the race.


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