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January 9, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

The Platt 101

Our critic’s definitive top-to-bottom ranking of the 101 best restaurants in New York City, including the introduction of our five-star rating system. Plus, the lowdown on which new restaurants are worth visiting, the best bang for your buck, and the city’s most irritating food trends.
Plus, 5 Best Italian, 5 Best Brooklyn, 5 Best Bang for the Buck, The Best New Restaurants of 2005, The 2005 Overrated List, What's New for 2006


Bad Kids Inc.

Nothing scares parents quite as much as the thought of their teens turning into surly, reefer-smoking sex fiends straight out of an eighties TV movie. Which is why one New Yorker is betting millions that he can make a shrink named Dr. Ron—whose tough-on-teen-delinquency philosophy was, no kidding, inspired by an eighties TV movie—into the leader of a Weight Watchers–style empire for anxious parents.

Bolton in a China Shop

“John Bolton’s calling card is directness. For some colleagues, this style works just fine. ‘Our discussions have always been to the point and rational,’ says a European ambassador. ‘But if I told this to my local press, they’d question my mental health.’”


Tom Ford’s Adobe-Abode Dust-up

Designer’s Santa Fe neighbors decry “Wal-Mart on the hill.”

Nat’l Arts Club Devours Its Youth

There’s a generational battle at the National Arts Club—and the old fogies are winning.

No Mock Croc for Lady Liberty

Sorry, PETA.

The Gray Lady Wears Red Sox

Yanks, Mets ride the bench.

Coco Pazzo’s Al Dente Détente

Formerly feuding foodies in cookbook collaboration.

Anger Management

Why TWU honcho Roger Toussaint still blames Bloomberg—and still believes striking was the only possible course.

It Happened Last Fortnight

A system-wide transit strike, coinciding appropriately with the darkest day of the year, produced massive inconvenience, economic losses, and countless media tales of New Yorkers’ resilience.

100-Person Poll

Good riddance, 2005! A random survey of 100 midtown pedestrians on what they’re hoping the New Year will bring them.


Best Bets

Sunglasses for the hungover, ski bindings for the gadget lover, and more.


Sexually creative New Year’s resolutions.

Look Book

A folksy ex-model who’s given up the glamorous life for intellectual pursuits.

Great Room

A small but storied garret above La Grenouille.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Tricia Casale of Princeton Ski Shop.

Sales & Bargains
This week’s hottest sales & bargains.

Real Estate

Open-house stunts go high-class.

Many Happy Returns

These new department-store cafés make waiting in the exchange line a bit more palatable.

Veg Out

If your New Year’s resolution is to eat less meat, here’s where to go.

The Culture Pages

Out of the Woods

Whitaker on his identification with Idi Amin and his new gig on The Shield.

Movie Review

This season’s Jim Carrey vehicle heralds the return of the comedy of economic resentment.

Scream Kings: Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino

Q&A with the directors.

Show and Tell

Snapshots from the golden age of NYC street photography.

Theater Review

George Bernard Shaw’s aggressively liberal cynicism is a perfect fit for a city that reveres Jon Stewart.

The Dancer's Life Reviewed

The Dancer's Life turns the story of Chita Rivera's life and career into a kind of meta-musical, with biography giving way to a mix of new and revived songs.

Cartoon Figure: Eliza Dushku

Q&A with the actress.

TV Review

Fiction thrives on cable’s fringes; Connie Chung and Maury Povich discuss their upcoming MSNBC banter-fest.

‘Four Kings’

Four Kings is the most straight-down-the-middle sitcom of the year.

Mates: Maury and Connie

Q&A with the TV legends.

Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Power Grid

Bill Gates’s John D. Rockefeller moment.

The Bottom Line

GM will go bankrupt, Goldman will get bought out, and other predictions for 2006.


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