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February 27, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

Change Your Life

To paraphrase T. S. Eliot, between the idea (of quitting your desk job) and the reality (of running a hip, thriving bar) falls the shadow. Get it all figured out with this practical guide to fulfilling impractical fantasies, from opening a restaurant and growing tomatoes on a farm upstate to learning to fly and becoming a nun. Plus: Living the expat life in Buenos Aires—where American dollars and cultural cachet both go a long way.

12 Ways To Remake Your Boring Life
Unleash Your Inner Artist
Ditch Your Job and Start a Business
How Much Does Your Retail Dream Cost?
Move to South America
Escape To These Destinations


The Perils of Jeanine

After Jeanine Pirro decided to run for the Senate, it quickly became apparent that she was an overmatched puppet being manipulated by the most powerful players in the GOP. As it turns out, the puppet masters were just as hapless as the puppet.

The Biennial Question

It’s tough putting together an exhibit of “American art” when that very concept is becoming obsolete.
Timeline: Biennial Stars and Detractors
Ready To Watch: Ten Artists With Staying Power
Meet the Art World’s JT LeRoys


Big Disclaimer for ‘Big Love’

No way HBO’s Utah polygamists are Mormons!

DNC's ATM Withdraws

Watch for the Clinton-Dean show!

(Eco)Terror Charge Snares Journo

Free press vs. Forest Service

Fear and Loathing in Hunter Fam

Gonzo thong controversy.

Area Satirists Stay in the Picture

Onionistas’s sketchy film.

Gimme an H!

This week’s column is in the form of a holiday cheer. H is for Hume, as in Brit, the guy who had a harmless chat—or was that an “interview”?—with the trigger-happy vice-president.

Bandwidth of Brothers

Can an ambitious Spanish plan get us all sharing wi-fi?

Social Toddling

Alpha moms introduce offspring to the benefit circuit.

Hogwarts on the Hudson

New British-style school plans to save expats and anglophiles from the lack of “rigour” in New York schools.

Go Directly to Jail

Posh motorists confront “uncivilized” police dragnet.


Best Bets

A trench coat that distinguishes itself from the masses, a wrist-friendly hairbrush, and more.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Jill Keenan of Tenthousandthings.

Look Book

"I don’t really shop, I just go to fabric stores."

New York Fashion Week Wrap-Up

Forecasting the (immediate) future of fashion.

The Restaurant Review

An excellent take on the nebulous concept of Israeli cuisine.

Top Five

The best places to get fat.

In Season

A cured sardines and puntarelle salad recipe from a Frankies chef.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of Feb. 20, 2006: Arium.

Carnival Cruising

Fat Tuesday falls on February 28 this year—where will you get your beads on?

BYO, While You Can

Until the following new restaurants get their liquor licenses, you can save a little on the check.


The pros and cons of sleeping with artsy types.

Real Estate

Rise of the paperless transaction.

The Culture Pages

Cate Blanchett

On the challenge of falling apart onstage.

The Movie Review

An overwrought Julianne Moore vehicle that still manages to be painfully affecting.

DVD Filter

New on DVD: The Paramount Comedy Shorts 1928-1941, The Cary Grant Box Set, Rent, Domino, and more.


A panel of citizen critics weigh in on releases from Ray Davies, Belle and Sebastian, and others.

The Theater Review

How hip-hop could save Broadway. No, really!

Orton’s Beach Boy: Chris Carmack

In his TV debut as Luke in The O.C. former Abercrombie & Fitch model Chris Carmack, 25, played Mischa Barton’s first boyfriend—and her mother’s booty call of choice. But now he stars as the object of Alec Baldwin’s advances in the Off Broadway production of Joe Orton’s Entertaining Mr. Sloane.

Barefoot in the Park

It probably wasn’t in director Scott Elliott’s power to wrest a really transcendent night from this material, but he does make it a diverting one.

Red Light Winter

The frequently profane, occasionally graphic play about two old friends and their shared hooker has rich characters, finely tuned writing, and laughs.

TV Review

The original tawdry real-life courtroom drama, starring Annette Bening.

The Gone Show

Why networks give new series a quick hook.

How ‘The Pajama Game’ Went From Broadway to Drama Club—and Back

Seven steps to Broadway, then drama club-and back.

When Your Boss Is a Terrorist. Or a Crime-Fighting Cartoon Teen

This season, the bad guy on 24 is named after a top Fox network exec. And he’s not the first secret shout-out to an industry power player.

Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Power Grid

The quail-hunting scandal could push Cheney back into the bunker—where he’s most comfortable.

The Week

Passing the Baton

Three on-the-rise American conductors come to town this week.

Sack Attack

Venerable theater company fights bullies.

An Hour in Chelsea

Three painting shows not to miss.

Talking Heads

Nostalgia for the early-eighties downtown scene just keeps booming, thanks to the scads of backward-looking bands that are hitting the mainstream. This week, take a look back.

Who's Who in the (New) Cast

Three Broadway hits get an infusion of fresh blood.


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