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April 10, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

Strategist on Holiday

If there’s one thing more offensive to a New Yorker than watching clueless tourists patronize trite, overpriced attractions, it’s going to another city and feeling like a clueless tourist patronizing trite, overpriced attractions.
So here’s a guide to finding the good life in:
Los Angeles

Plus: whom to ask about semi-legal British hallucinogens, how to find L.A.’s hippest improv comedy, what to order at Australia’s finest seafood restaurants, where to get handmade Italian bags sans price-tag-inflating brand name, and much more.

A Rosie Is a Rosie Is a Rosie

A few years ago, Rosie O’Donnell turned away from fame. Then she kicked it around, set it on fire, and ran away from it screaming. And she’d do it again.

The Bush-Cheney Era Ends Here

Thanks to a seemingly endless string of Bush blunders—and some hard-nosed power brokering by 2006 campaign honcho Chuck Schumer—Democrats in Washington have just started to realize that, deep down, they’re actually not expecting to get blown out this time. In fact, the Senate could be theirs.

Brainy Young Things

America’s oldest and most venerable magazines have handed over their reins to a crew of youthful, erudite whippersnappers.

Onan The Vegetarian

Dan Hoyt is an industrial-music enthusiast who owns a respected raw-food restaurant. He also enjoys exposing himself in public. The “subway perv” speaks.


Julia’s Show All Wet?

Blame it on the rain.

Battle to Kiss Up To Spitzer

Pucker up, Dems!

Kosher Clash!

Dunkin’ bacon okayed by rabbi.

The Fly Life With Howell

In Montauk! On ESPN2!

Art, Commerce Battle at Barneys

Artist not “up to my ass in designer clothes,” okay?


If New Yorkers had trouble relating to the suffering of the French students rioting over not having inviolate civil-service job security, at least we understood where their Tourism minister was coming from when he declared, “We are currently in a situation of blockage.”

Sex, Drugs, and Enticing Jew-Fros

Four Stuyvesant High School students decided to publish their shared teenage journal—in their own handwriting, with photos and doodles included.

The Pushcart Pride

Fed-up vendors start a garage of their own.

Prodigy of the Yankees

Undergrad stats whiz Victor Hu brought Moneyball-style analysis to the Bombers’ old-school front office. Here, his calls on the ’06 season.

Glass Menagerie

The latest architectural fad: extreme makeovers in glass.


Early Bloomer

Cherry blossoms won’t peak here until later this month, but at least one local restaurant is jumping the gun with a cherry-centric menu.

Spring Melt

No joke, April is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month. Show you care.

Molly Carroll, singer/artist/writer

"I just want to look like spring incarnate!"

The Culture Pages

MoMA in Middle Age

MoMA backs slowly, perhaps inevitably, away from the cutting edge.

The Movie Review

An ensemble comedy featuring post-starlet-age women that’s a rare success of its kind, plus a ludicrous piece of Sharon Stone sexploitation that isn’t.

Dance Partners: Antonio Banderas and Pierre Dulaine

Q&A with the Take the Lead star and its inspiration.

The Art Review

A photography exhibit that shows Africans through their own lens for once.

The TV Review

A vigilante-spy movie wastes an interesting premise.

City Slicker: Fernando Meirelles

Why Fernando Meirelles admires Entourage.

The Music Review

“Superstar in Norway” gets you nowhere on Bleecker Street, and that’s exactly why Sondre Lerche lives there.

The Classical Review

An adaptation of Aristophanes that’s just a little too far over-the-top.

Who’s Filling In For James Levine?

While the Met orchestra’s conductor is on the disabled list, five substitute conductors—usually booked years in advance—were coaxed into the pit.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The City Politic

Hillary’s just as bad at talking about globalization as the rest of the Democrats.

The Bottom Line

How the Times Company—currently the worst newspaper stock in America—could turn things around and give Google a run for its money.

The Week

Pulling Strings

Appease your inner child at one of these puppet shows for adults at HERE Arts Center.

The Beat Goes On

“Fest Forward: Hip-Hop Unbound,” a festival at NYU’s Skirball Center exploring the roots and future of the form, includes discussions, film, and, of course, performance.

You Don’t Stop

A summit (at NYU’s Skirball Center) devoted to hip-hop aims to deconstruct the genre with—lucky for you—a series of live performances.

An Hour on 22nd Street

Three can’t-miss shows on the same block.

Ready to Play

The other John Fogarty is a fortunate son.


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