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May 1, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

Brooklyn Style

As the trickle of creative types across the East River has turned into a torrent, Brooklyn has been developing its own ideas about urban living, driven by a sensibility that’s part mellow, part hyperaware. Inside, a look at what the collective post-Manhattan consciousness has wrought in interiors, furniture, product design, fashion, food, and more.
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How Sweet Is It?

DailyCandy’s devotion to a modest mission helped it build a massive base of loyal subscribers, which attracted a crowd of potential buyers, who wish its mission weren’t so modest. Why suitors have had such a hard time understanding a simple little company.

A Is for Apple, B Is for Brawl

It’s hard to say whether the children of New York ought to be taught to read through repetition-based phonics programs or a more flexible “whole language” approach. What’s certain is that advocates on both sides believe very strongly that the other side is completely, utterly wrong.


Is Katie Losing It In the Hamptons?

Anchor goes house-hunting, absent-mindedly.

Colin Quinn’s Peer Group

"Spielberg, Myers,” says misunderstood genius.

Neighbors’ Revenge on ‘L&O’ Star

City-as-set annoys.

Two ‘Tempest’s, Both Alike

Shakespearean indignity.

John Rocker Rocks Softly

PR agent to the loathed.


Was there anyone in the city last week who wasn’t having second thoughts of some kind?

Noms de Plum

A guide to who�s who in the name-dropping semi-fictional world of the latest Sykes novel.

Sewage Beach

Summer�s almost here, and things are getting excrementally worse with our water.

Underground Musician

�Please stand clear of the closing record deal!� Susan Cagle busked for five years in the subway, recorded her album there.

From Israel With Love

The former head of the Mossad on Iraq, terrorism in New York, and what Steven Spielberg got wrong.


Best Bets

A Dumbo clock tower on its way to becoming an apartment to die for.

Look Book

A pair of Brooklyn party promoters who look to Soho and Iraq for fashion inspiration.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Jennie Kwong of Stella McCartney.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

The Restaurant Review

Buddakan offers great Asian cuisine in a mystifying setting.

In Season

A Kinpira recipe by a Kasadela chef.

Beyond Ballpark Franks

Whether the Mets win or lose, you’ve got to eat: Where to go pre– or post–Shea Stadium.

The Culture Pages

The Movie Review

One can only hope the rest of the 9/11 movies balance respectfulness and realism as well as United 93 does.

Tribeca by the Numbers

From Tom Cruise to maternal angst, a Tribeca preview.

New York Screen: Mother, May I Shoot You?

A new documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival, Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project, attempts to answer the questions her photographs raise.

The Theater Review

Julia Roberts is no worse than mediocre in Three Days of Rain, and the production doesn’t do her any favors; a gaudily moronic Threepenny Opera.

The Curtain Rises on the Undulating Curve of Shifting Expectations!

Our theater buzz and backlash report.


Big names like Donald Judd and Roy Lichtenstein should dominate the Post-War & Contemporary auctions.

The TV Review

A Billie Jean King documentary reminds us of an athlete who was a genuine hero; Ira Glass moves to Showtime—and New York.


Jericho is the latest British import in public television’s Mystery! series that asks us to identify with a less-than-dashing not-quite-dude and accept as our hero a middle-aged mug.


Simone Bitton, a Morocco-born Arab Jew, looks at all sides of the multi-million-dollar security fence Israel is building along its border with the West Bank.

A Chicago Radio Hit Moves to New York, and TV

When it started, we were very distrustful of Showtime, and I think they were very wary of us,” says Ira Glass, who recently moved himself and his award-winning public-radio program, This American Life, from Chicago, where it had been for about ten years, to New York City.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The West Coast Office

The cultural shifts that were to have killed Hollywood may just end up snuffing the bad movies no one needs anyway.

The Imperial City

New York’s second Web boom hasn’t matched the first one’s level of dumb euphoria—yet.

The Week

Last Chances: An Hour in Chelsea

Three to catch before they close this weekend.

A Little Night Music

This week, seize the opportunity to catch a one-of-a-kind cabaret show.

Ewe and Them

How to pull the wool over your kid’s eyes.


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