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June 19, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

Best Doctors 2006

Our annual listings of the physicians who their peers think are tops in their field—information on 1,000-plus doctors, divided by specialty, plus ten tales of medical derring-do: A paralyzed firefighter walks, a blind nursing student sees, and more.


Charlie the Conqueror

In tapping Charlie Gibson as evening-news anchor, did ABC News president David Westin abide by Diane Sawyer’s wishes—or ignore them? The inside story of a megastar beset by ambivalence, a pregnant woman out of a job, an avuncular host who showed his fangs, and a news exec stuck with an impossible choice.

Why Damon Dash Hates Mondays

He has a $400,000 car, a cook, a butler, and 1,300 pairs of sneakers. He gives his once-worn socks to charity. But when Jay-Z, his friend and partner, pushed him out of the company they founded, he realized what money can’t buy.


Within a week, two photographers of a bygone era in New York passed away. A look back at the world of Slim Aarons and Arnold Newman, portraitists of the social and artistic aristocracy.


Cracking Cipriani’s Da Vinci Code

Did restaurateur drop out of Leonardo pier project to dodge G-men’s mob questions?

Richard Johnson’s Doppelgänger

Gets lots of fun e-mails.

The Walkmen: Off Their Gourd

Band, fans distraught.

Laughing Conservatively With Robert George

The black conservative is showing up where people may not expect him.


As the satanically auspicious date of 6/6/06 came and went last week, New Yorkers could be forgiven for suspecting the end of the world might well be nigh.

Uncle Andy�s Hand-Me-Downs

Christie’s is auctioning off some stuff that Andy Warhol gave his nephews when they visited from Pittsburgh.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe . . .

Is something fishy at the annual Montauk shark-fishing tournament?

Leaving Las Vegas

No jackpot for Broadway in Sin City.

Father Spas Best

New for Dad�s Day this year: manly spa packages with a slug of bourbon and what they now call �handshake maintenance.�


Best Bets

Awesome organic mush (for babies), a collapsible table that doesn’t look like dorm furniture, and more.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Mari Kussman of CB I Hate Perfume Gallery.

Shop News

Caravan openings this week.

Look Book

A well-tressed Soho housewife who defers to her husband on fashion choices.

Restaurant Review

Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak is big and snazzy, but the beef doesn’t quite measure up.

In Season

Alaskan King Salmon from an Esca chef.

Homemaker’s Helper

A face-off between home cooking, delivery, and “component cooking.”

Central Park Boathouse Restaurant

In the past, a Boathouse table was basically about inhaling nature—never mind the food. Today, that's all changed.

Snacker’s Row

Suddenly, 8th Street between Broadway and Sixth Avenue—known mainly for clunky shoe stores—has plenty of good things to nosh.

Shrimp Boats A-Coming

Post-Katrina, Louisiana shrimpers take their show on the road.

Real Estate

Buildings fit for doctors' offices are getting hard to find.
Plus: Billy Joel's moving out and Scoping out a two-bedroom in Fort Greene.

The Culture Pages

The Approval Matrix: Week of June 19, 2006

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.

The Puzzlemaster’s Dilemma

The uneasy alliance between Will Shortz and the forces of Sudoku.

The Movie Review

Pixar finally makes a movie with too much schmaltz, not enough wit.

Family Man: Kevin Bacon

A Q&A with the actor and director on casting his daughter.

The Theater Review

Neil LaBute’s latest installment of “Mean Guy and a Surprising Twist.”

Returning Royalty: Alvin Epstein

Q&A with the eighty-one-year-old, classical actor, who's bringing King Lear from Boston to New York.

The Future Is How?

As the Guggenheim offers its retrospective of the career of Zaha Hadid, what does she see in New York’s future?

The Art Review

Four sculptures in Madison Square Park so perfect you might not even notice that they’re public art.

Our Dada Could Beat Up Your Dada

"Dada" at MoMA surveys the movement that started in Europe during World War I and came to New York around 1917. So how did our scene compare?


The Imperial City

Could Iraq end up like Vietnam? We should be so lucky.

The City Politic

New Yorkers shouldn’t let cronyism bury Mark Green.

The Week

An Hour in Chelsea

Three timely group shows.

Gimme Three Steps

Highlights from La MaMa E.T.C.'s three-week dance festival.

Outside Voices

The Drawing Center takes it alfresco.

Holla for Hip-Hop

Highlights from this year’s Hip-Hop Theater Festival.

Out and About

There’s more to Pride Week than circuit parties and parades.

Green Party

A spiffed-up Madison Square Park gets the kind of summer visitors that New Yorkers actually like.


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