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July 24, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

Mothers Anonymous

Women of New York congregate online to divulge dark secrets about their husbands, engage in class conflict, and share their most humiliating fears about their own parenting. UrbanBaby is a public group-therapy session, attracting mothers seeking commiseration—and others seeking judgment.


Tom Quixote

Nassau County executive Tom Suozzi is beloved for his record of hard work and accomplishment, respected as a fiercely independent but still politically savvy operator. So why is he driving his career off a cliff by running against Eliot Spitzer?

G-D in His Corner

Dmitriy Salita took to Orthodox Judaism at a synagogue in Crown Heights and learned to box at a gym in East New York. This week, he’ll find out whether piety and a gift for beating other people to a pulp are inherently at odds.


Bernie’s Still Got a Gun

It’s not easy to prosecute the city’s former top cop.

Catfight on the ‘Runway’

He said, he said. Meow!

The USS Intrepid Reenlists

Homeland security ahoy!

Maggie vs. Paparazzi

NYC’s Brangelina Get shutterbugged.

What’s Fair at the Mayfair?

Ambassador-tenant dispute.

Loose Lips

A good week for keeping one's own counsel in New York City.

Not-So-Swift Vets

A group of veterans of the �Global War on Terror� is speaking up. Do its GOP ties make it this year�s Swift Boat Veterans for Truth?

The Gaudy Ethicist

Rudy Giuliani�s divorce lawyer takes over as the chief judge of judicial conduct and answers the question, what would he have done if Dr. Bartha had been his client?

Spahtscastah Supahstahs

Sox fans exiled in Gotham grab the mike.

Luxury Tattooing

In an age of fast-food body modification, what does the guy who inks Slayer and Jann Wenner do? Open an appointment-only atelier in Chelsea.


Best Bets

Ingenious ice-pop molds, the finest umbrella for use under the sun, and more.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Black Nail Polish: A Brief History

What other beauty product can boast a history that includes Chinese royalty and Freddie Mercury?

Look Book

A Baruch student with “intimidating hair”.

The Restaurant Review

Power cuisine in funereal environs at the new Le Cirque.

In Season

A P*ong chef's sake-poached cherries.

Cold Comfort

Chill out with some cold Asian noodles.

The Greenmarket Effect

Following Greenmarket delicacies back to their sources.

Great Rooms

Making the most of 350 square feet in a Chrystie Street tenement.

Real Estate

The exploding brownstone and other tales of homeowners gone wild.

The Culture Pages

Don’t Look Now

A love of trashy horror movies lurks in the heart of Paul Giamatti.

The TV Review

A look at the city’s tabloid-newspaper business that manages to be both realistic and sympathetic.


Characters, ideas, and paranormalities left over from Northern Exposure, Twin Peaks, and Picket Fences.

Life on Mars

Manchester police detective Sam Tyler is in hot pursuit of a serial killer when he’s hit by a car and knocked all the way back into 1973.

Inspector Lewis

One of the most satisfying two-hour Mystery!s in years.

Reality-TV Index

A recurring guide to which shows are worth investing in, and which ones to avoid.

The Music Review

Entertainingly out-there singer Theo Bleckmann does the classics.

The Movie Review

M. Night Shyamalan, narcissist.

New on DVD: The Warner Bros. "Tough Guys" Collection

Movies new on DVD this week: The Warner Bros. "Tough Guys" Collection, Masters of Horror: Homecoming, Basic Instinct 2, Clean, and Tsotsi.

The Man with 50,000 Friends

How Kevin Smith stumbled onto the film industry’s future.

Was It Like a Prayer . . . Come True?

Critical viewpoints on Madonna’s Garden performance from the fans who shelled out for it.

The Book Review

Georges Simenon, bard of depravity and disaster.


Clifford Chase’s bizarre first novel, is far more than a one-note indictment of human-rights abuses.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Imperial City

The New York courts’ lame anti-gay-marriage ruling is great news for gay people.

The City Politic

The congressional race in central Brooklyn has been hyped as a racial battle, but what’s really at issue is the city’s shrinking national influence.

The Week

Cool As . . .

The Ice Factory drama festival returns with new work from emerging downtown companies.

Weekend in New England: Part II

The Williamstown Theatre Festival, now in full swing, brings acclaimed actors and directors to the Berkshires. Five bright spots worth the trip.

Turn Off Your TV

Two of the city’s top comedy troupes work outside the box.


Kids meet seniors for chess and chat.

Art Alfresco

Three ways to get some culture without staying indoors.

Jazz It Up

The 92nd Street Y’s Jazz in July festival, run by the excellent pianist-arranger Bill Charlap, offers tributes to late greats by living greats.


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