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August 28, 2006 Issue

Cover Story


What to wear for drinks at 60 Thompson, a walk in the park, a meeting at the office and more in our his-and-hers fashion special.

Summer for the Sun Queen
How Donatella has proven that more than one Versace can be a celebrated designer.

I Hate It When You Wear That
A sartorial war of the roses. Photomontages by Caroline Shepard

The Front Row, in a Flash
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders catches celebs looking their best.


The Hunt for the Red Collector

Somewhere in Russia, or Georgia, or a Russian section of London, or a vault in Switzerland, sits Dora Maar au Chat, the second-most-expensive painting ever sold at auction. It’s not lost or stolen—it’s just under the control of a mysterious collector who’s set off an art-world whodunit.


Kazakh Elites Divided Over Borat

Is he good or bad for Kazakhstan? Ads coming.

Happy Birthday, Fidel!

Ramsey Clark's toast.

Starving Hysterical Canceled!

Howl! Festival shuts up.

‘Six Degrees’ Doesn't Add Up

ABC shrinks NYC.

HUD Hawk Andrew Cuomo

Cites anti-Andrew report in own ad.


For an August week in which temperatures stayed mild, an odd sense of crankiness abounded.

Pre-Primary Colors

A peek into the Democratic mind.

Rahm It Through

Representative Emanuel on Joementum, Hillary, and a “bipartisan” Dem takeover.

Spitz Blitz

The jockeying for Hillary’s seat begins early.

JFK’s Beauty Bin

The new contraband in the war on terror.


Best Bets

A ring the color of pink champagne, a megadurable water bottle, and other hot buys.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Logan Lin of 45 RPM.

Look Book

Tattoos, piercings, and other phenomena from a day at Ozzfest.

Restaurant Review

Eleven Madison Park embraces the tiny portion.

In Season

In the steamy swelter of summer, there are few things more refreshing than juicy watermelon and crunchy cucumber.

Insatiable Critic: Darna

New York still lacks that great Moroccan restaurant—but until it arrives, Darna will do.

Restaurant Openings

Week of August 28, 2006: Momofuku Ssäm Bar.

The Pig and the Pudding

The debate on what it is that makes a gastropub a gastropub.

Taste Taste: Ice-Cream Sandwiches

Not to take anything away from the bar, the stick, or the cone, but the quintessential New York ice-cream delivery system is the sandwich. Here are eight of the best.

Nuevos Latinos

Three new restaurants celebrate the flavors of Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Counter Offers

Having trouble commandeering a coveted counter seat at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon? Try here instead.

Real Estate

Orthodox housing requirements.

The Culture Pages

Her Milkshake’s Next Act

Kelis, milkshakin’ Renaissance woman.

Movie Review

Compellingly aimless realism from Andrew Bujalski, auteur of ambivalence.

New York Screen: Renewed Bohemian

Jonas Mekas, the sprightly 83-year-old founder of Anthology Film Archives, delivers Letter From Greenpoint.

Theater Review

Martin Short’s parody of the one-man show lets a good idea go awry.

How—Just Four Years After Its 42-Year Run—‘The Fantasticks’ Is Back Onstage

A long story short.

Off the Shelf: Jennifer Egan

What’s on Jennifer Egan’s shelf.

Hey There, Lonelygirl

YouTube’s Lonelygirl.

Classical Review

Inventive Mozart-tweaker Peter Sellars is at it again.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The Bottom Line

Protecting yourself from the consequences of all those righteous policy ideas a prospective Democratic majority could put into effect.

The Week

Off to the Races

Highlights from the 8 Minute Madness Playwright Festival.

Goofing Off

Our picks from the New York Clown Theatre Festival, which kicks off with a free-for-all pie fight.

Speak, Memory!

Summer’s over already? Two noteworthy shows explore our experience of time.

New York Cool

Those few end-of-summer warm-not-hot days are precious—and perfect for a mellow (and free!) outdoor jazz concert.

Bridging the Gap

Preschool, post-camp activities.


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