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September 25, 2006 Issue

Cover Story

The Making of a Gay American

How the governor of New Jersey got himself into an affair with an aide that ended in the worst personal and political mess he could imagine—and why it was the best thing that ever happened to him.


Brooklyn Is Burning

A Greenpoint factory site worth hundreds of millions burns before it can be landmarked; eleven fires hit a gentrifying stretch of Prospect Heights in three months. It’s enough make you wonder—in this booming borough, is fire just development by other means?

The Outsourced Parent

An overview of the thumb-sucking consultants, clothing coordinators, and other entrepreneurs who will, for a steep price, rear your child on your behalf.

The Ma and Pa of the Intelligentsia

The New York Review of Books was always the idiosyncratic product of Barbara Epstein and Robert Silvers, irrepressible editors who came of age at a time when a journal of lengthy intellectual essays could immediately draw funding and a wide audience. But Epstein has passed away, Silvers is 76, and book reviews aren’t exactly topping the cultural charts anymore. Will the Review outlive its loving parents?


Orlando’s Gal Isn’t Kate Anymore

Phalanx of bodyguards can’t protect him from PDA.

‘Showgirls’ The Musical!

He understands now it’s campy.

John Mayer Will Not Teach You Guitar

Posters a lie.

The New School’s Newt Snoot

No Q&A, no mercy.

Living Color

For a week that passed in the shadow of the darkest day in city history, it probably was not surprising that red, white, and blue were on display, along with a surprising kaleidoscope of other colors.

The Hipstervangelist

Tammy Faye’s pierced-and-tattooed son has moved here to spread the word to Williamsburg. Are PBR drinkers ready for their own PTL?

The Bicycle Saboteur

Epidemic of carpet-tack attacks along the Hudson River paths.

Remembering the Dot-Com Throne

Aeron designer dies, and office furniture loses its 9/10 innocence.

Naked Bunch

Somewhat persecuted area nudists escape to Gunnison Beach in New Jersey at the end of the season.


Best Bets

A powerful but easy-to-use telescope, miraculous mirror-clearing spray, and more.

Ask a Shop Clerk

Adrienne Wong of Superdeluxe.

Shop News

Store openings this week.

Look Book

The “Fli High Fli Guys” discuss the continuing influence of the Fresh Prince.

Restaurant Review

The Japanese Invasion continues in mediocre fashion.

In Season

A hatch green chiles rellenos recipe from a Kitchen/Market chef.

Captain Buffalo

Ted Turner on the local restaurant biz.

Rich Tomato, Poor Tomato

A tale of two tomatoes.

Restaurant Openings & Buzz

Week of September 25, 2006: Pinkberry and Goblin Market. Plus, a menu translation for Lonesome Dove Western Bistro.

Je’Bon Noodle House

Bare-bones plain, cheap, and earnest, Je’Bon Noodles seems oblivious to our town’s bold new world of pulsating Asian eateries-on-steroids.

Let’s Do Lunch

With the fall social season in full swing, some high-profile places start serving midday meals.

Beyond the Fleece Headband

Celebrating hat season.

Real Estate

Finishing 40 years of construction in Battery Park City.

The Culture Pages

Trompe le Demimonde

Scissor Sisters, chart-topping icons abroad, underground icons at home.

Movie Review

Michel Gondry’s latest is superb until the disappointingly bitter end.

Terror Movies: Dispatch From Toronto

Enjoyable, non-pedantic political films at the Toronto Film Festival.

The Giant Boy

An overly credulous account of Orson Welles’s mid-career misadventures.

Theater Review

Eve Ensler preaches to the liberal choir.


How to install a three- ton sculpture.

Art Review

An exhibit on dealer Ambroise Vollard might be big-name tourist bait, but it’s still illuminating.

TV Review

Yearning for the days when legal shows weren’t just about loud arguments and strange crimes.

Brothers & Sisters

Despite cast changes, rewrites, and producer musical chairs, this brainy soap checks in with promise.

Friday Night Lights

Kyle Chandler is the new coach, Connie Britton his terrific wife, and Scott Porter the star quarterback injured in the first game of the season. The rest is claustrophobic hope and dread.


Smith seems to be shot inside the head of Orson Welles, kaleidoscopically noir enough to frighten even the French.

Belle Curves: Sara Ramirez

Q&A with the Grey’s Anatomy actress.

The Approval Matrix

Our deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies.


The City Politic

Why it won’t matter how Eliot Spitzer wins once he gets to Albany.

The Week

Holy Week

Whether you’re celebrating Rosh Hashanah or just a standard-issue autumn week, spiritual matters dominate the bookstore scene.

The Fire This Time

Our picks from the Ohio Theater’s Ignite festival, a three-week downtown mix of cabaret, monologues, comedy, dance, and one-act plays.

Spin Control

Dance music may not be the dominant form it was a few years back, but don’t count out rump-shaking just yet.

Native New Yorkers

The National Museum of the American Indian stays put—and grows into its building.


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